Blossom Music Center VIP Boxes

Luxury Concert Experiences at Blossom Music Center

Music fans in Ohio know if you want to see amazing live music performances in the summer, Blossom Music Center is the place to go. Whether you love country, jam bands, rock, R&B, or more, there is a concert for you to enjoy under the stars this summer at this popular venue. Outdoor concerts are a quintessential summer experience, but you don’t have to experience them from a blanket in the lawn seats. Go big and purchase a VIP Box for the show or shows of your choice at Blossom Music Center this summer! 

VIP ticket holders have the privilege of private parking and entry, in-seat wait service, private club access, and more. You will never sit in the lawn seats again after you come to Blossom Music Center as a VIP ticket holder.


You can book as few as 2 seats in a VIP Box and share the experience with other concert-goers. For a private experience, you can book the entire VIP Box by purchasing all the seats.

The VIP Experience

VIP Parking 

Don’t fight for a parking spot far from the entrance. VIP ticket holders get the ability to buy private parking spots up close and then enter the venue through a red carpet entrance. You beat the crowds getting into Blossom Music Center and you have only just begun to understand how different it is to come to a concert as a VIP.

Access to Private Clubs 

Inside Blossom Music Center VIP box guests can take a break from the show or stretch their legs in between opening acts and the headliner inside the private VIP Club. Here you will find luxurious seating, a full bar, and gourmet menu selections with great wait service. Truly every aspect of your summer night at Blossom Music Center leave you feeling pampered.

Premium Views 

The elevated seating in the VIP boxes ensures that you get a great view. VIP boxes are front and center just about the first section of reserved single seats. Your view is unparalleled here and you are comfortable in your semi-private box with padded seating and more. Dance the night away or sit back and relax. Either way, you will see and hear every moment of the magic that is an outdoor concert in the summer.  

In-Seat Wait Service 

Waiting in line for concessions is such a bummer. You will not wait in line at all. Get craft cocktails and gourmet food brought right to your VIP box. Hit the Kallpod button on your seat and a member of the waitstaff is there to take your order. Everything comes to you while you watch the concert. You are a grown-up and don’t need to spend your night in a line to get a hot dog. Eat a real meal and drink real drinks in your VIP seats inside Blossom Music Center.

Exclusive Restrooms 

Yet another line is skipped when you are a VIP thanks to exclusive restrooms for VIP box guests. These private restrooms are conveniently located and always clean with no long waits.

Ticket and Box Costs at Blossom Music Center

Spend your Ohio summer under the stars with the sounds of your favorite bands filling the air. You endure the long winters here so you deserve to soak up every second of the perfect weather when it is warm out. Come to Blossom Music Center as a VIP ticket holder. SuiteHop can help you secure your dream seats for your dream show. No one else has access that SuiteHop has to VIP seating in outdoor venues. Find the best seats to the best shows all summer long! Browse through our live listings and view the best VIP ticket experiences near you. 

SuiteHop has access to VIP seating in many outdoor venues. All offer their own special experiences.


Each outdoor venue is set up with unique seating accommodations. We’ve included the typical options you may find for summer concerts, but special situations may apply.

How much do VIP Tickets Cost

$300 - $600 per ticket 

VIP Tickets for concerts at Blossom Music Center vary in cost based on the location and artist performing.

Are VIP tickets and VIP Boxes less expensive than regular tickets?

No, VIP options are not typically more affordable than other seats in the venue. VIP Seats offer a premium experience, including access to private clubs, in-seat wait service, and more. 

Snag a VIP Box or VIP Tickets at Blossom Music Center

Outdoor concerts in the grass are a thing of the past. With SuiteHop you can enjoy the best seats in the house at Blossom Music Center with premium access to exclusive VIP ticket holder clubs and amenities. Check out the options and rock out like a VIP this summer.

VIP Box Seating at Blossom Music Center

Box seats vary from venue to venue. Individual VIP tickets may be purchased in boxes and these areas typically include sunshade in addition to the best sightlines of the show. VIP Tickets may be purchased individually and offer extra legroom with comfortable luxury seating.

Premium Club Seats at Blossom Music Center

Club seats offer plush comfortable seating with the best sightlines at Blossom Music Center! Premium Club seats are reserved specifically for your group and allow you to order food and beverages directly to your seat.