Boston Red Sox Suites and Premium Seats

Boston Red Sox Suite Pricing and Amenities

The Red Sox Nation has citizens all over the world but everyone knows that home to the beloved Boston Red Sox is Fenway Park. This historic baseball park is like no other with a unique play where only the best can hit a home run over The Green Monster.

Cheering on the Boston Red Sox from a seat in Fenway Park is on the bucket list of every fan and even fans of other teams want to come here to experience Fenway because there is no other field like it. If you have a group of baseball fans you want to thrill and impress, purchase a private Fenway Park suite from SuiteHop. The experts at SuiteHop know how to get the suite with the amenities you want and will help you every step of the way as you plan an event at a Boston Red Sox game.


How much do Boston Red Sox suites cost?

$3,500 -$18,000

The price of Boston Red Sox suites varies based on the matchup and location in the park. Private suites are available for all home games with pricing starting at $3,500 and may cost as much as $18,000.

Amenities: Private indoor and outdoor seating, optional in-suite catering, views from different baselines, televisions in-suite

Total Suites at Fenway Park: 52

Suite Capacity: 12-25 guests

Low Range


High Range


Pavilion Suites



Dell Technology Suites


Host the perfect party, meeting, or get together in a private Boston Red Sox suite

A luxury suite at a Boston Red Sox home game will thrill any baseball fan. If you are looking for options to plan a gathering that will bring together friends, employees, or clients, a suite in Fenway Park is ideal.

SuiteHop has exclusive access to private Fenway suites and our experts will work with you to plan a legendary event inside Fenway Park. You can be a part of the Red Sox nation in a premium suite with access to order catering, great views, and other amenities.

Home games for the Boston Red Sox are always the hottest ticket in baseball, making tickets in a suite even harder to come by but you can get the access you desire to bring a whole group together in Fenway Park with SuiteHop.

Private suites are available for parties of 12 to 25 guests.


What are the options?

Pavilion Suites

For groups of 12-20, the Fenway Park Pavilion Suites are ideal. Choose your view with six suites on the third base side and five suites on the first base side of the field. In addition to a great view of the field, you and your guests can take in the Boston skyline from here. All the Pavilion suites include indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor area is climate-controlled for those chilly spring games or sweltering summer concerts. If you want the entire suite to be open-air, just open the glass viewing wall. In your suite, you will find a 50” television. There is an outdoor television as well. Food and beverages are handled by a dedicated suite attendant.

Dell Technology Suites

The Dell Technology Suites in Fenway Park comfortably welcome 20-22 guests with amenities like private indoor and outdoor seating and a suite attendant. Guests in the Dell Technology Suites have private restrooms and large indoor space. These are the newest suites in Fenway and the views here are ideal. Enjoy lounge-style seating inside with a large television. The dining and bar away are spacious. If you want to make the indoor area open air, the glass viewing wall opens otherwise this space is climate controlled. The private seating outside is perched over other seating giving your guests an unobstructed view.

All about the Boston Red Sox suites

The eternally popular Boston Red Sox are always a top ticket seller for their thrilling home games in Fenway Park. This team started in 1901 and is one of the original franchise teams in the American League. The eight-time World Series winners continue to fight for the American League pennant every season. Red Sox games are a cultural experience.

Get ready to scream out “Go Sox!” the entire game and during the 8th inning you better get on your feet to belt out the Neil Diamond classic “Sweet Caroline.” There is a lot of history surrounding the Red Sox, including the sale of Babe Ruth away from the Sox to the Yankees. This sale of baseball’s most famous player was said to have cursed the Red Sox. The curse was broken in 2004 when the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees to go to the World Series and win the World Series that year.

Famous players to wear a Red Sox Jersey in addition to the Great Bambino include Ted Williams, Roger Clemons, Pedro Martinez, and David Ortiz. Come be a part of Boston Red Sox history by cheering them on from a private suite in Fenway Park.

How many suites are available at Boston Red Sox games?

There are 15 Pavilion and Dell Technology suites available for Boston Red Sox games.

Why should I book my Boston Red Sox suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for Boston Red Sox home games. With real-time pricing and high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite all the way through ordering catering for your event.

What is included in a Boston Red Sox suite?

Every fan with a ticket to an event at Fenway Park expects a unique experience. However, fans attending a Red Sox game know that they will be treated like celebrities during their time in the historic ballpark. Suites include private seating, climate-controlled areas, and a suite attendant.

How do I get to the suite level at a Boston Red Sox game?

The Fenway Park suites are in different locations and levels around the park so refer to your specific suite location for the best way to get to your suite.

When do suites open for access?

Suites open 2 hours before a Boston Red Sox game.

Where should I park at a Boston Red Sox game?

Parking is extremely limited. Take public transportation or park at a garage offsite and walk to your event at Fenway Park.

Boston Red Sox Catering Explained

Catering for Boston Red Sox games is exclusively provided by Aramark. The chefs at Aramark have carefully crafted their suite menus to incorporate local, sustainable, and organic options. Snacks, entrees, desserts, and drinks served right in your suite will impress your guests and give you the most relaxing experience possible.

SuiteHop recommends the preset menus to make ordering simple. These menus have everyone covered and Aramark even has suggested add-ons to their menus if you are craving a little more. For those who want to plan their own menu from start to finish, choose from the a la carte options. Beverages are available by pack or choose one of the bar packages for a variety of choices. Food allergies and other dietary issues are not a problem, just indicate those when you place your order.

Catering orders must be received at least 2 days before your event. SuiteHop can assist you in ensuring that your order is in with time to spare. You and your guests will love the extravagance that comes with in-suite catering in a private suite at a Boston Red Sox home game. However, if you choose to not use the available catering, guests can patronize the many food and beverage vendors throughout Fenway.


Estimated Boston Red Sox Suite Catering Costs



Full meal with drinks

$100- $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $100 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

SuiteHop Recommended Suite Catering Menu

Feeds 20 guests

  • Red Sox Souvenir Popcorn Tin
  • Grilled Kayem Italian Sausages
  • Kayem Fenway Franks
  • Regina Pizzeria’s Pepperoni Pizza
  • Brisket Sliders
  • Red Sox Ice Cream Cooler
  • 12 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • 24 Assorted Beers

This menu is based on Fenway Park Suite Catering offerings. Items are subject to availability. 

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.