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Shared vs. Private Suites

Once you've upgraded your game experience by escaping the hordes of sweaty, sticky people in the general admission seats, it's time to decide if a private suite, shared suite, or premium seating is right for you. All of these options come with their own unique set of benefits, but we can break it down to see which one best suits your expectations and needs.

  • Shared Suites

    SuiteHop recommends sharing a suite with other fans or booking premium seating when you have 8 or fewer guests attending the event with you. Shared suites offer the same luxurious layout and amenities as a private suite though you will not be the only guests within the room. An in-suite attendant will be able to order catering and beverages for your group after you arrive. We do not recommend pre-ordering catering as it is difficult to monitor who is eating your food when you are not the only group in the suite. Shared suite tickets are often comparable in price to club seats.

    As with booking a private suite, shared suite ticket holders have the ability to show up early and use the private suite entrance. You will enjoy the same comfortable seating options and club access on the suite level.

  • Private Suites

    If you are expecting to have more than 10 guests joining you, a private suite will be your best option. Private suites can oftentimes cost less on a per-person basis and bring a more intimate setting to the event. Your group can mingle with each other and enjoy the privacy of your group's own space. The option to pre-order catering is also an added benefit, your guests can skip the concession lines when they have food and beverages waiting for them when they arrive. Please keep in mind, catering is an additional cost unless noted on the suite description.

  • Premium Seats

    If you're looking for an amazing view and want to feel like a celebrity, then premium seats are the way to go. You'll get prime views of the action from some of the best seats in the house, like courtside. Premium seats offer everything wrapped up into one; in-seat service, access to exclusive restaurants, and private lounges and clubs. You'll enjoy all the benefits of first-class service with traditional venue seating.

  • Club Seats

    Club seats, typically located in the mid-section of the venue, are often considered a higher-class experience. Private lounges, club access, and restaurants with exclusive menus are included with Club Seats. These larger, more comfortable seats are perfect for small groups of 6 or less.

  • Loge Boxes

    Loge boxes are luxury on a smaller scale. They typically include 4-6 theater-style seats and offer an intimate space to enjoy your event. Some loge boxes include a reserved dining table, access to the bar area, and private wait service through the event.

Celebrate Success

Treat the whole company in a private suite or celebrate a single department with premium seats. No matter the size of the party, exclusive access within venus is the best way to celebrate any victory, big or small.

Build Client Relationships

Let’s skip the awkward business dinners and take your clients somewhere they want to be. It’s almost impossible to have an unsuccessful event when you have the NFL, NBA, or any professional teams playing in the background.

Recruit in Style

Move the interview from a conference room to a conference championship. There is no better way to get to know someone than at a live sporting event. Show off your company and get to know your prospects on a personal level when you entertain at professional venues.

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