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Planning a Business Event in a Suite

In today's economy, businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to entertain clients, partners, and staff. While restaurants, bars, or even the office can seem like great places to host an event, they can often be noisy, crowded, or just boring.

That's where SuiteHop comes in - we offer businesses the chance to host their event in a private suite at some of the nation's top venues. Party suites are large enough to comfortably accommodate any group size and they are far from boring. There is no better way to break the ice or celebrate your team's success than by having a live game or concert going on in the background.

Booking a single-night suite used to be a challenge and would require jumping through many hoops to find availability, pricing, and services. Not anymore! With real-time pricing and availability, SuiteHop makes planning an unforgettable corporate event easier than ever.

Don’t need a whole suite? Premium seating offers the same luxurious experience without the whole commitment. Book only the number of tickets you need and have your guests enjoy a night from the best seats and club access with the best food and beverage options.

SuiteHop is Your Answer

SuiteHop is here to make planning your corporate event simple, quick, and seamless. Just as your business doesn't happen in one location, your entertainment shouldn't either. With access to luxury suites and premium seating in venues all across the country, we are your one point of contact for booking all your corporate events.

SuiteHop’s online marketplace offers real-time pricing, nationwide access, and white-glove service. We provide unprecedented access to luxury entertainment for corporate events of any size. Planning your next event with SuiteHop means you'll have everything you need at your fingertips - the best selection of seating options, private meeting spaces within the venue, and unparalleled customer service. So why wait? Start planning your unforgettable event today!

Reasons to Entertain at a Live Event

There are many obvious reasons why sports and concert venues are the best location for a corporate event. They offer private spaces, climate-controlled environments, technology capabilities, and access to superior food and beverage options. But what can your business gain from suites or premium seating entertainment?

Entertaining from premium seats can help businesses retain clients, build stronger relationships, celebrate success, reward staff, and even recruit in style. By providing an exclusive experience that clients and employees will remember, you'll be able to strengthen your ties with them while showing just how much you appreciate their business and support.

Client Entertainment

Did you know, it costs 7 times more to replace a client than to keep the ones you already have. Show your current clients you appreciate their support and build stronger relationships when you treat them to a night out in the most exclusive seats.

If you find yourself needing to find new prospects, understand that people like to buy from who they know. Offer the opportunity to get to know your prospects without the awkward silences and forced conversation. Live events give you the opportunity to leverage relationships and take the pressure off pushy sales meetings. Sit back, and enjoy the game, you can discuss business during halftime.

Celebrate Success

Treat the whole company in a private suite or celebrate a single department with premium seats. No matter the size of the party, exclusive access within venus is the best way to celebrate any victory, big or small.

Build Client Relationships

Let’s skip the awkward business dinners and take your clients somewhere they want to be. It’s almost impossible to have an unsuccessful event when you have the NFL, NBA, or any professional teams playing in the background.

Recruit in Style

Move the interview from a conference room to a conference championship. There is no better way to get to know someone than at a live sporting event. Show off your company and get to know your prospects on a personal level when you entertain at professional venues.

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