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Buyer Services Agreement

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I. Introduction and Definitions.

This Buyer Services Agreement (“Buyer Services Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between SH Suites LLC, a Colorado limited liability company (“SuiteHop”) and the undersigned Buyer (“Buyer”). SuiteHop operates a marketplace, including this website (the “Website”), called “” .

II. Here’s How It works.

SuiteHop offers an online and offline ticket resale marketplace and facilitates transactions between you and prospective sellers of event tickets, admissions, or licenses and related passes, services, and goods (collectively called a “Package”). The seller posts a listing to sell a Package on the Website or makes the Package available offline through a SuiteHop representative. When you want to buy a Package, you submit an offer to buy the Package (an “Offer”) and SuiteHop notifies the seller. If the seller accepts your offer, SuiteHop notifies you by email, normally within twenty-four (24) hours of your offer. If your offer is accepted, SuiteHop will process your payment and notify you by email that the transaction is confirmed, the method of delivery, and the anticipated delivery date. Unless otherwise provided, the seller ships the Package, either electronically or physically, to SuiteHop, and SuiteHop will send it on to you.

III. SuiteHop Agreements.

By accepting access to this Website and the SuiteHop Services, submitting an offer to buy, or purchasing a Package or any service or good related to a Package (collectively called the “Buyer Services”), you agree that this Buyer Services Agreement will govern your use of the Buyer Services, including this Website and any additional or add-on services or goods that SuiteHop may arrange or facilitate in relation to any Package. In addition, you agree to be bound by this Buyer Services Agreement, the SuiteHop Privacy Policy (, the SuiteHop Terms and Conditions (, and all other policies that apply to your use of the Buyer Services (collectively, the “Agreements”), all of which are incorporated herein by reference. You are solely responsible for reading the Agreements carefully before submitting an offer to buy. By using the Buyer Services, you also agree that the disclaimers, exclusions, and limitations set forth in this Buyer Services Agreement are reasonable.

IV. Pricing.

Except in limited circumstances, SuiteHop do not own the Package and does not set the price. The prices are set by the sellers of each individual Package are listed in United States Dollars ($). The price you pay may be different and higher than the face value price printed on an individual ticket or pass. The availability and market price of a Package are subject to change at any time prior to your receipt of confirmation that your offer to buy has been accepted.

Except in the rare case in which SuiteHop owns a Package, SuiteHop’s services are limited to that of an intermediary between you and third party providers of Packages or other services or goods. You acknowledge that SuiteHop is not the agents, representatives, of employees of the Package seller or of any event, service, or goods provider. YOU AGREE THAT SUITEHOP MAKES NO REPRESENTATION, WARRANTY, OR GUARANTY OF ANY KIND ABOUT THE QUALITY OF ANY EVENT, PERFORMANCE, SERVICE, OR GOOD PROVIDED BY OR THROUGH ANY THIRD PARTY EVENT, SERVICE, OR GOOD PROVIDER, EVEN IN CASES IN WHICH SUITEHOP IS A SELLER. You agree that SuiteHop is not responsible for any act, omission, failure, breach, or deficiency of or by any third party event, service, or good provider.

Unless SuiteHop specifically states otherwise, it is are not affiliated with any event producer, organizer, or promoter and does not claim that it is endorsed, approved, or sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with any event or any event producer, organizer, promoter, or participant. SuiteHop refers to events only for the purposes of identifying the event.

V. SuiteHop Guaranty.

SuiteHop guaranties that you will receive the Package that you have purchased in time for the event; that your Package will be the same as the Package for which you received confirmation of your offer to buy; and that your Package will be valid for entry to the event identified with the Package. In the event that SuiteHop does not deliver on this guaranty, SuiteHop will refund the purchase price in full.

SuiteHop guarantees that the Package you receive shall be a valid authorization or credential to gain entry or access to the event identified on the Package. In the event that the Package includes terms, conditions, program information, code of conduct, or language restrictions, you agree to abide by all such terms, conditions, program information, code, and restrictions and to obtain the agreement of and to monitor compliance with all such terms, conditions, program information, codes, and restrictions by all others receiving a Package from or through you.

VI. Making a Purchase.

You are responsible to know and understand all of the terms, conditions, and details of a Package listing before submitting your offer to buy a Package. When you submit an offer to buy, you are making a binding commitment to the seller to purchase the Package. You agree, unless it is otherwise stated in writing, to pay for the Package in full at the time you submit an Offer. SuiteHop does not guarantee that a Package is available or that the Package can be purchased for a particular price until you have received confirmation that the seller has accepted the Offer. You cannot change or cancel any transaction after the sale is complete.

You are responsible to check the Package carefully when you receive it. In the event that you do not notify SuiteHop within forty-eight (48) hours of the receipt of a Package of any discrepancy or error between the transaction confirmation and the Package received your waive any claim with respect to any such discrepancy. In the event that you do not receive the Package, please contact SuiteHop at within twenty-four (24) hours of the delivery date specified in the Confirmation.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, all offers to buy are final and, except for payments for events that are canceled without being rescheduled, all payments are non-refundable. No refunds or credits will be given for any reason other than event cancellation without rescheduling.

You unconditionally agree that you will not resell or otherwise transfer all or any part of any Package to any person or entity without the prior written consent of SuiteHop.

VII. Delivery.

The Package will be delivered to you in the manner specified in the Confirmation. You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided for delivery of the Package is accurate and will facilitate delivery of the Package during normal business hours. You agree to arrange to accept delivery in a timely and secure manner. You agree that you will bear the entire risk of loss commencing when the Package is delivered or offered or available for delivery, whichever is earlier.

In the event that a Package is undeliverable or returned for any reason, SuiteHop may, in its sole discretion, list the Package for sale on the Website at a price set by SuiteHop in its sole discretion.

VIII. Errors.

You agree to hold SuiteHop harmless for any typographical or other errors on the Website, whether as a result of human, mechanical, communications, electronic, or other act, omission, function, or process.

IX. Changes and Quality.

You agree that the date, time, or place at which an event is originally scheduled to commence or take place may change. You agree to be solely responsible to arrange to receive information about these changes. You agree that SuiteHop is not responsible for any such change, and agree not to file a chargeback to the credit card used to make the purchase of your Package if the event is rescheduled. You also agree that SuiteHop is not responsible for the quality of an event or the experience you receive at an event; any incomplete performance of, failure to appear by, or change to any performer scheduled to appear or appearing at an event; or any condition existing or occurring at an event, including the actions of others attending the event and seating arrangements. You agree that you will not seek a refund or file a chargeback on the credit card used to make the purchase from SuiteHop due to such quality, experience, change, incomplete or partial performance, appearance, condition, action, or seating. SuiteHop agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to help you obtain duplicate or replacement credentials or authorization that a third party event, service, or good provider may issue to replace a Package or may require for entry or admission to a postponed or changed event. In the event SuiteHop is not able, despite commercially reasonable efforts, to obtain any required duplicate or replacement credential or authorization, SuiteHop may, in its sole discretion, cancel the transaction and either provide a credit for future purchases equal to the purchase price or refund the purchase price to you.

X. Cancellations.

If the event for which you purchased a Package is canceled, and the third party event or service provider has offered and provided a refund for the Package, SuiteHop will issue a refund of the purchase price less any applicable credit card processing fees (generally 3%) to the credit or debit card or PayPal account with or through which the purchase price was paid within thirty (30) days after receiving the refund from the third party event or service provider. If SuiteHop is unable to receive a refund from the third party or service provider that provided the Package, SuiteHop reserves the right to offer Buyer a credit for future events equal to your purchase price and not issue a refund. However, please note that event and service providers typically do not offer refunds for cancellations due to an act of God, war, or terrorism. Refunds for rained-out events or services are typically offered on a case-by-case basis.

XI. Venue Regulations and Policies

In the event that the venue, promoter, artist, performer, or team establishes regulations and policies that include terms, conditions, program information, code of conduct, language, health policies including vaccinations, negative test results, and quarantine protocols or pandemic restrictions, you agree to abide by all such terms, conditions, program information, code, and restrictions and to obtain the agreement of and to monitor compliance with all such terms, conditions, program information, codes, and restrictions by all others receiving a Package from or through you. The Package is not refundable if you fail to comply with any established regulation or policy.

XII. Property Damage

In the event Buyer or Buyer’s guests cause property damage, Buyer agrees to pay all fees and costs to repair, replace, or otherwise remediate the damage, including, but not limited to property damage costs, taxes, and attorneys’ fees in excess of any damage liability reimbursement amount provided by SuiteHop to Owner.

XIII. Owner Indemnification

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the seller and SuiteHop will not be liable to Buyer or Buyer’s suite guests for the loss, theft, damage, or injury (or death) to Buyer or Buyer’s guests or their personal property. Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold the seller, SuiteHop, and all of Seller or SuiteHop’s respective employees, agents, successors and assigns, harmless for any liabilities, theft, damage, cost, or expense whatsoever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of Buyer’s or Buyer’s guests’ use of the Owner’s suite, including but not limited to claims for illness or death related to COVID-19, personal injury or property damage/loss.

XIV. Update and Effective Dates.

This Buyer Services Agreement was updated on August 13th, 2021, and is effective as of August 13, 2021.

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