Premium Seating Guide

If you desire a unique and up-scale experience when it comes to attending your favorite sports team, live-event, or concert, then you'll want to consider premium seating. From luxury suites to all-inclusive VIP clubs, there are a number of different options to choose from that will make your event unforgettable.

The sports and entertainment business is fueled by amazing new stadiums and arenas, mega TV rights, and lucrative corporate sponsorship deals. As such, event attendance continues to evolve into a total entertainment experience driven by new technologies, plush amenities, and unique access. The push for a total entertainment experience has diversified and evolved the premium seating options to accommodate the wants and needs of not only businesses but also fans who demand exclusivity. Nothing beats having premium seating that puts you right in the thick of the excitement with luxury amenities.

Premium Seating Options

Luxury Suites image

Luxury Suites

2-100 Tickets

Luxury suites are private rooms located within sports and concert venues that offer upscale amenities and accommodations. Prices vary by venue and event but typically hold 8 to 30 guests or up to 300 in a Party Suite.

Theater & Loge Boxes image

Theater & Loge Boxes

4-6 Tickets

Theater and Loge boxes provide luxury on a smaller scale (4-6 seats) with great views and upscale amenities. These boxes vary, however some come with their own private lounge and bar area, as well as a reserved dining table.

All-Inclusive VIP Clubs image

All-Inclusive VIP Clubs

2-8 Tickets

All-Inclusive Premium Club seats provide the class and exclusivity of luxury suites with the authentic feel of regular venue seats. They offer everything wrapped up into one; food, beverages, parking, in-seat service, and access to exclusive restaurants and lounges.

Courtside & Glass Seats image

Courtside & Glass Seats

2-6 Tickets

Courtside & glass seats provide an intimate experience as they are situated closest to the action. These most exclusive seats offer club access, food & drink options, and in-seat service making them a coveted choice for any fan.

VIP Boxes image

VIP Boxes

16-20 Tickets

VIP boxes offer an exclusive space for small groups to enjoy the concert and escape the crowds. Typically, VIP Boxes offer guests access to private restrooms, exclusive VIP lounge areas and bars, and in-seat wait service.

VIP Packages image

VIP Packages

2-6 Tickets

The VIP Package offers fans a full-service event experience that includes a great seat and hospitality during the event. These packages also include a keepsake to remember the event.

Frequently asked questions about Premium Tickets

What are Premium Tickets and how will they elevate my next event?

Why should I book premium tickets?

Premium tickets will cost you more than traditional seating but they are the perfect way to gain control over an otherwise chaotic live event experience. Suites will offer the most control over how your event goes. With Club and Court/Glass Seats, you can escape the crowds in exclusive lounges, enjoy private restrooms, have access to upscale full bars and buffets, and order food and beverages to you with in-seat wait service. The price you pay for premium tickets extends past your seat, you are booking a full customized luxury experience no one else in the venue will have.

How much are premium seating tickets?

Ticket prices vary in the premium seating market. The more exclusive the experience, the more the ticket price will be. Overall, private suites will cost the most but NHL glass seats and NBA courtside tickets will be more expensive per ticket. Shared suite tickets, VIP Boxes, and all-inclusive club seats will be around the same price depending on the location within the venue and the matchup or event.

How do companies use premium tickets for large events?

Suites are considered the gold standard for corporate entertainment when it came to impressing clients and incentivizing employees. Companies can book NBA courtside seats for client events, NFL suites for employee incentivizing, and large NBA party suites for product kickoffs and meetings. The possibilities are endless when you book your own personal suite within a venue and have everything your guests will need catered to you.

Can anyone purchase premium seating tickets?

Yes! From courtside to the luxury suites, SuiteHop has made it simple to browse through events and book listings that will fit your budget and needs. We have seen the premium seating world shift from a corporate focus to personal parties. SuiteHop recommends NBA courtside, NHL glass seats, as well as all-inclusive club tickets and VIP boxes for smaller parties of 2 to 8 guests for a night out with friends, date night, or a present to someone special in your life. However suites are perfect for bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, and family/friend gatherings.

How will I receive my Premium Seating tickets?

Today, all tickets are distributed electronically. Each venue and league uses a different platform but tickets are not released until a few days prior to the game or event. Once a purchase is finalized the seller will transfer the tickets to the buyer once they become released by the venue. DON’T WORRY, we guarantee you will receive your tickets in time to distribute to your guests before the event. Our suite experts are here for you to walk you through the ticket transfer process.