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VIP Boxes

Premium Seating

VIP Boxes offer an exclusive space for small groups to enjoy the concert and escape the crowds.

Concerts are a great way to spend an evening, but for some people, the crowds and general chaos can be too much. With the best views of the stage, luxurious lounge-style seating, and catering on demand from your own dedicated server, you won’t want to sit anywhere else. Live like a Rock Star while you rock out to the best tunes of the summer.

Typically, VIP Boxes offer guests access to private restrooms, exclusive VIP lounge areas and bars, and in-seat wait service. This allows guests to relax in their own open-air space while still enjoying the show.

Keep in mind that each amphitheater and VIP Box amenities vary. Not all amphitheaters offer all-inclusive food and beverage or VIP parking passes, look at each listing to be sure what to expect in your purchase. However, all VIP Boxes offer premium views, luxury seating, and an escape from the general crowds.


4 - 8 guests


$125 per ticket - $800 per ticket

Food & Beverage Options

In-seat food & beverage service

Traditional concession options

All-inclusive food & beverages (beer & wine)*


Best views of the stage

Lounge-style seating

Dedicated host/server

Reserved space within VIP Club*

All-inclusive food & beverages (including beer & wine)*

VIP Parking*

* Not available in all VIP Boxes - check listing details to know what is included in your purchase.

Have questions about VIP Boxes?

Here are some frequently asked questions about these premium tickets.

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How many people can a VIP Box hold?

VIP Boxes can accommodate groups of 16 - 20 guests. VIP boxes are listed as full private VIP Boxes as well as individual tickets within shared VIP boxes.

How much do VIP Boxes cost?

Depending on the venue, demand for the concert or matchup, and amenities included, VIP Boxes range in price from $125 to $800 per person.

EventLow RangeHigh Range
Amphitheaters$125 per ticket$800 per ticket
What amenities can I expect to find in VIP Boxes?

While enjoying an event within a VIP Box, you and your guests can expect amazing sightlines of the stage, comfortable lounge-style seating, and a dedicated host/server with in-seat wait service. Some boxes included access to the exclusive VIP clubs, all-inclusive food and beverages, and private restrooms. Check each listing carefully for what amenities are included, each listing is different.

Is catering offered in VIP Boxes?

Food and beverages can be purchased either from in-seat wait service or at concessions throughout the venue. Be sure to check the listing descriptions for what is included in your VIP Box purchase.

Will I have access to the VIP Lounge with my VIP Box ticket?

Each listing is different, be sure to check the listing description to see if access to the VIP Lounge is included in your ticket.

Is Parking Included with a VIP Box?

Parking is not included when purchasing a VIP Box unless specifically noted on the listing.