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When Suites Go Empty, Nobody Wins

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When Suites Go Empty, Nobody Wins

Become a Listing Partner and Extend Your Reach to a Qualified National Buyer Audience

It is free to list on SuiteHop! Whether you have a full-season suite or just a handful of games, SuiteHop makes it simple and secure to list your suite. You are in full control of your event availability and pricing.

Become a Listing Partner

Benefits of Listing on SuiteHop

Online Sales Extend Your Reach

Today’s customers are searching online, looking for availability, pricing, and information about suite options - and they are asking about your suite!

Maintain Control of Your Market

SuiteHop’s online listing service provides a platform for reaching more suite buyers, without giving up control of your inventory.

A Dedicated Partner

Lisitng with SuiteHop means you a partner who has been serving a nationwide audience of luxury suite customers for over 10 years.

Pricing & Listing

Once you become a Listing Partner, you have full control over your suite listing and price. You decided how you want to sell your suite and the price. When creating your listing you have the option to add a description of your suite and photos to differentiate your suite from other listings!

For more information on your options and what to expect, check out our Listing Partners Best Practices page.

Listing Partners Best Practices
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Post Sale

You are guaranteed to get paid for any sales you make on SuiteHop. Listing Partners decide their preferred method of payment and will need to provide payment information when setting up your SuiteHop account. SuiteHop works on a two (2) week payment schedule, so it will never take longer than two weeks to receive payment.

After a sale, SuiteHop asks that you transfer your tickets to us as soon as they become available so we can distribute them accordingly to the buyers.

If catering is an option within your suite, we may ask for a menu or order form if we don’t have them on file. Catering is up to the Listing Partner’s digression. SuiteHop can place orders through Listing Partners or directly through the catering department.

Ready to Sell Your Suite?

Set up your SuiteHop account and start listing your suite events. If you have any questions, please let us know! With so many years of suite experience we can help you set up your listing and set the best price to sell.

Become A Listing Partner