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Courtside & Glass Seats

Since stadiums and arenas were built, courtside seats continue to be some of the most coveted tickets for games as they get you as close to the action as possible. Hear the players and coaches, feel the energy of the game, and enjoy an experience unlike any other within the venue.

Courtside seats are located only feet from the court and all the players as you sit behind the team’s benches or with your feet on the court. They generally offer in-seat wait service, sometimes give access to the venue’s most prestigious clubs, which include coat check and complimentary food and drink options. Glass seats put you in the first few rows behind the ice for hockey games giving you insight into the real speed of the game. Because of the high demand, courtside & glass seats are typically the most expensive option in the venue. Anyone who has sat courtside will tell you, it is worth every penny.

  • $200 per ticket - $5,000 per ticket
  • Tickets are typically sold in groups of 2-8 seats
Food & Beverage Options
  • All-Inclusive food & beverage options*
  • In-seat food & beverage service*
  • Fine dining options*
  • Full premium bars*
  • Traditional concession options
  • Exclusive lounge & restaurant access*
  • In-seat wait service*
  • Concierge service*
  • Reserved Parking*
  • Potential player interaction*
  • Private venue entrance*
  • All-inclusive food & beverage options*
  • Typical of most Courtside & Glass seats, but can vary based on the venue.

Frequently asked questions about Courtside & Glass Seats

What are Courtside & Glass Seats and how will they elevate my next event?

How many people can sit together with courtside & glass seats?

Courtside and glass seats are usually available in groups of 2 to 8 tickets.

How much do courtside & glass seats cost?

Courtside and glass tickets cost $200 to $5,000. The price varies based on the arena and matchup.

EventLow RangeHigh Range
NBA (National Basketball Association)$500 per ticket$5,000 per ticket
NHL (National Hockey League)$200 per ticket$750 per ticket

What is included with courtside & glass tickets?

Courtside & glass seats can include access to exclusive lounges and clubs within the stadium, in-seat wait service, and a private entrance into the venue. Be sure to check the listing description as some courtside and glass seats include reserved parking passes and all-inclusive food and beverage options.

Is food and beverages included with courtside & glass tickets?

Be sure to check the listing description for what is included with your ticket purchase. Some courtside and glass ticket listings include food and beverages while others offer food and beverages at an additional cost.

Are parking passes included with courtside & glass tickets?

Parking passes are an additional cost unless noted on the ticket listing description. Be sure to check the listings to see if parking passes are included or not.