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Theater & Loge Boxes

Loge Boxes (also called Theater Boxes) are an open-air section with either plush stadium-style seats for each guest or a reserved table and chairs. These premium seats offer some of the best views in the arena and their own unique premium amenities. If you're looking to wine and dine with your clients or celebrate a special occasion in style, a Loge Box is a perfect choice!

Most Theater & Loge Boxes are built to accommodate 4 to 6 guests. Food and beverages can be purchased through in-seat service or in the VIP lounges, typically as an upscale buffet with sit-down dining or grab-and-go options to take back to your box. Be sure to check the listing description to see if your tickets include these amenities.

  • $50 per person - $1,500 per person
  • 4-6 guests
Food & Beverage Options
  • In-seat food & beverage service
  • Fine dining options within lounge areas
  • Full premium bars
  • Traditional concession options
  • Exclusive intimate setting
  • Comfortable seating
  • VIP Lounge & Club Access*
  • Private Restrooms*
  • In-seat wait service*
  • Great views of the action
  • Parking Pass options*
  • Average costs - prices may be higher or lower depending on the suite location and the demand for the specific event.

Frequently asked questions about Theater & Loge Boxes

What are Theater & Loge Boxes and how will they elevate my next event?

How many people can fit in a Theater/Loge Box?

Most theater boxes are built to comfortably fit 4 to 6 guests.

How much does a Theater/Loge Box cost?

Theater & loge boxes cost around $50 to $1500. Prices for theater and loge boxes vary depending on the venue, demand of the matchup or concert, and the amenities included.

EventLow RangeHigh Range
NFL (National Football League)$250 per ticket$1,500 per ticket
NBA (National Basketball Association)$200 per ticket$750 per ticket
NHL (National Hockey League)$200 per ticket$500 per ticket
MLB (Major League Baseball)$125 per ticket$400 per ticket
Arena Events$50 per ticket$500 per ticket

What are the amenities included in a Theater/Loge Box?

Guests can expect to find comfortable seating, in-seat wait service, access to VIP clubs and lounges, private restrooms, upscale dining options, and premium full bars. Some offer all-inclusive food and beverages while others offer upscale buffets or premium dining options at an additional cost. Keep in mind, amenities do vary between venues and listings, be sure to check your theater/loge box listing to determine what is included in your purchase.

Are parking passes included in the ticket price?

Be sure to check your listing to determine if parking is included in the price. Often, parking passes are an additional cost.

Is catering included in all Theater/Loge Boxes?

Catering is not available to pre-order. Theater/loge box ticket holders will have a dedicated attendant for in-seat service during the event. Guests may also purchase upscale dining from the VIP lounges, or concessions throughout the venue and bring back to the box to enjoy.