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College Bowl Game Suite Pricing & Amenities

If you are a diehard College Football fan, hitting up a College Bowl Championship game is a bucket list experience that you won’t regret attending. You may dream of hitting it up with a tight-knit friend group, or maybe some business partners for a corporate event. Either way, you’re bound to have an amazing time cheering for your favorite alma mater team. SuiteHop is your ultimate resource for college football bowl game suites across the US. 

College Bowl games are the pinnacle events of NCAA Football. Bowl game season begins after conference championships in December and ends with the National Championship Game in January. Pricing for specific games will vary based on the match-up, location, and included amenities. 

How much do College Bowl Game Suites Cost?

College Bowl game suites may cost anywhere from $35,000 to $120,000 for a full 18 person suite on the 50-yard line. Pricing for specific games will vary based on the final teams playing at the event and the location and amenities of the suite.

Private Suites

The Ultimate Game Day Experience

Get the face paint locked and loaded, because you’re in for a treat when you attend a College Bowl Championship game. An entire season of hard work wraps up in a College Bowl Championship game, and seeing it as a true VIP in a private suite is the best way to make the most of the experience, and make it truly unique and personal. 

The suite experience will be the talk of the office for years to come, or the highlight of your friend group, setting the bar real high in expectations. But really, how do you know that living the suite life is the best fit for you? It’s easy; our friendly team of suite experts is happy to help you out and help you navigate the online marketplace until you find the perfect suite listing for you and your circumstances. 

Behind the Scenes of a Private Suite

Will my Private College Bowl Game Suite include catering?

Most private suites do not include catering in the price, but catering can be added on for an additional cost. Pay close attention to the listing details on the suite you are requesting to determine what is or is not included for catering. Your suite expert will confirm these details with you. In-suite catering ensures that you won't miss a moment of the action waiting in line for a beverage!

If your suite does not include catering, we recommend that you budget $100 - $175 per guest for a full catering spread including appetizers, entrees, alcoholic beverages, and dessert.

Does everyone in my suite need a suite ticket?

Yes, suites have a limited capacity which is monitored closely by the venue.

When can I access my Bowl Game Suite?

The suite levels will open for ticketed guests 2 hours before kick-off. Any preordered catering and beverages will be available to access in your suite at this time.

Stadium FAQ

Your Top Bowl Game Questions

Watching your favorite team compete in a Bowl Game from a luxury suite is a bucket list experience. With the best views of the action and catering brought directly to you, you'll root for your alma mater in style.

When should I book my Bowl Game suite?

With a limited number of suites available and high demand for events, we recommend booking Bowl Game suites as soon as possible to guarantee your ability to attend the game. While game competitors are not announced until following the conference championship games we recommend starting the discussion with a suite expert before conference games are played. This will put you first in line for Bowl Games as soon as the matchups are announced.  

Where do your suites come from?

On SuiteHop, suites can only be listed by Verified Listing Partners. Our listing partners are carefully vetted and we build direct relationships with each one to reliably ensure every suite order is verified and available for sale.

Are Bowl Game suite prices negotiable?

As an online marketplace, we do not set the prices for each event. Live listings are priced by the listing partners and are NOT available for negotiation. There are no service fees and shipping is always included for free. We can not negotiate suite prices for any events.

Why should I book my Bowl Game Suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop's team of suite event experts is dedicated to helping you navigate the nuances of purchasing a suite for the College Bowl Games throughout North America. From identifying the location that best suits your needs and budget, to assisting with placing the catering order, you will receive white-glove attention throughout your entire suite event experience.

Why can’t I see the exact location of the suite?

Every listing you see on is for a specific suite. For the sake of the privacy of our sellers, we’ve created a “zone” system that places suites of similar quality and location into groupings of approximate locations on our map. This provides a good understanding of what view you can expect from your suite booking. After you've made your purchase you'll receive full details about the exact suite number.

Access, Bringing Guests, & Day-Of-Event Planning

Can I bring people into the suite that do not have suite tickets?

Only guests with suite tickets are permitted to enter your suite. Venues monitor the capacity of the suites very closely, and inviting guests into the suite without a suite ticket is strictly prohibited.

How early can I get into the suite, and how long after the event is over can we stay?

Each venue differs, but most suites open when the gates to the event open. Generally speaking, you will be able to stay in your suite for 1 hour after the event ends.

What happens if I lose my tickets?

In most cases, lost suite tickets are unable to be replaced. If you are distributing tickets to a group of people in your suite, make sure to note the exact ticket that you give to each person, so that if getting a ticket reprinted is possible, we know which one to reprint.

Suite Ticket Delivery

When can I expect the suite tickets for my event?

Suite tickets are typically electronic and are not released until several days before the event date. Don't worry, we promise we will always get your tickets to you in time for your event. If they are hard-copy tickets, we will ship them for your event as soon as possible.