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Suite Pricing

Bridgestone Arena

 Premium seating at Bridgestone Arena creates a truly luxurious experience for all guests. With over 72 luxury suites and exclusive club access, you have access to the best locations in Bridgestone Arena! Browse through our live listings to discover your next VIP experience in Nashville.

How much do suites cost at Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Arena Suites range from $3,000 to $9,000 depending on the time of year, matchup, special events or games, and location within the arena. Nashville Predators tickets range from $4,000 to $8,000. Other events such as concerts at Bridgestone Arena run from $5,000 to $10,000. Individual suite tickets range from $150 to $800 depending on the Nashville Predators matchup, the event, or the performer. 

The price of suites at Bridgestone Arena can vary based on the location of the suite inside the stadium, the size of the suite, and the demand for the event.

How many suites are available at Bridgestone Arena?

Bridgestone Arena has a total of 72 suites that are divided between two different levels: The Lower Level Suites and the Upper-Level Suites. The suites hold 16 people during Nashville Predators games. Some select suites offer the option to purchase 6 additional tickets. 

Suites at Bridgestone Arena: 72 Luxury Suites
Suite Capacity: 16-22 guests
Available Bridgestone Arena Suite Amenities: VIP entrance into Bridgestone Arena, In-suite attendant, larger stadium-style seats, barstool seating, private restrooms, a flat-screen TV, wi-fi, and premium catering options.

Suite Options

Choose between a Private or Shared Suite Experience at Bridgestone Arena

Depending on the size of your group or your group’s needs, you will either want to opt for a private or a shared suite. Although private Bridgestone Arena suites have the added benefit of enjoying your event with just your group, shared suites can offer a unique experience as well. SuiteHop can help you book your tickets in a shared suite, giving you the luxury of enjoying a Bridgestone Arena suite rather than sitting in the stands for prices comparable to that of club seating.

Share a suite with other SuiteHop customers

Looking to experience the luxury of a private suite with a small group? SuiteHop has access to the best-shared suites at Bridgestone Arena. Booking a shared suite with SuiteHop is easy: Simply search our live listings for available Bridgestone Arena Suite seats for your desired event. Choose the best seat in the house, and wait for your tickets to be delivered. On the day of the event, arrive early with VIP access and get settled before the game or event begins.

A shared suite offers the upscale experience of a suite without the commitment to renting an entire suite. It is an ideal situation for a couple or a small group who wants to enjoy a game or concert in luxury without the price of renting a private room.

Individual shared suite tickets at the Bridgestone Arena range from $150 to $800 depending on the event, the type of suite, and the location of the suite This is often more affordable for smaller groups than purchasing an entire suite for your event.

Frequently asked questions about shared suites at Bridgestone Arena

What does it mean to share a suite?

Sharing a suite at Bridgestone Arena means you will experience the event alongside other suite attendees. Seats may be assigned.

Do shared suites include catering?

Most shared suites do not include catering. We recommend selecting concessions from the club level and returning to your suite to enjoy. 

How much should I expect to spend on shared suite tickets at Bridgestone Arena?

Shared suite access starts at $150 and may cost as much as $800 depending on the included amenities, matchup, and suite location.

How will I receive my tickets?

After your suite booking is confirmed, a SuiteHop event expert will be in touch regarding your tickets. Electronic tickets will be distributed via email.

What are my options for Private Suites at Bridgestone Arena?

Private suites at Bridgestone Arena are available for parties of 16-22 guests. Private suites are exclusive to your group and seating will be first-come, first-serve. You may choose to order catering for your private suite event or encourage guests to select from the club-level concessions.

Upper-Level Suites

Sitting pretty at the top of the Bridgestone Arena are the Upper-Level suites, located above the club sections. These suites typically include 16 suite tickets, 12 leather theater-style seats, four ledge bar stools, and some even include one high-top table with four seats. Like all the other Bridgestone Arena suites, these are climate-controlled, have private restrooms, wi-fi, two flatscreen televisions, and offer prime views of Bridgestone Arena.

Lower-Level Suites

Get a little bit closer to the action with the Lower-Level Suites, located 26 rows from the event floor. They have 12 leather theater-style seats, 4 bar stools on the ledge, and some feature one high-top table with 4 seats. Like all the other Bridgestone Arena suites, these suites are climate-controlled, have private restrooms, wi-fi, a flatscreen television, and offer the best views in Bridgestone Arena.

Premium Seating

Premium Seating

With SuiteHop, premium experiences go beyond the Suite Life. Experience for yourself why glass seats are the most sought-after tickets at Bridgestone Arena. Glass seats get you up close to the Nashville Predators action and offer upscale amenities you can’t find in general admission seating. 

If you’re searching for a unique upscale experience at Bridgestone Arena, but want to feel like you’re a part of the action, glass seats are for you! SuiteHop recommends glass seats for small groups of 2 to 4 guests. 

How much do glass seats at Bridgestone Arena cost?

Glass seat pricing can vary based on the location of the seat within Bridgestone Arena, the match-up, or event. Typically, glass seats range from $700 to $2,000 for Nashville Predators games.

Amenities: Front-row seats directly behind the glass.

What can I expect with Glass Seats at Bridgestone Arena?

Glass seats at Bridgestone Arena are front-row seats, right behind the NHL glass! These premium seats deliver the ultimate thrill for Nashville Predators games. Glass seats place you as close to the action as possible and immerse you in the heart-pounding excitement of the NHL. With a wide range of food and beverage concessions around Bridgestone Arena, there are many options for refreshments that you can bring back to your seat. Elevate your game-day experience with the best seats in Bridgestone Arena for Nashville Predators home games.

Arena FAQ

The answers to your top Bridgestone Arena suite questions

Bridgestone Arena is home to the Nashville Predators. This arena plays host to premier NHL games, events, and concerts in Nashville, TN.

How many suites are available at Bridgestone Arena?

There are 72 suites available at Bridgestone Arena spanning through two levels. Locations of suites vary depending on the level, but all offer amazing views of the action below. 

Why should I book my Bridgestone Arena Suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for all events at Bridgestone Arena. With real-time pricing and high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite to ordering catering for your event.

What is included in a suite at Bridgestone Arena?

All Bridgestone Arena suites provide an experience you won’t forget. With amazing sightlines to the center of the excitement, each suite is equipped with climate control comfort, luxurious seating, wi-fi, an HD flat-screen television, and premium in-suite catering options.

When do Bridgestone Arena Suites open for access?

Bridgestone Arena suites open 1 hour before the start of the event.

What are the food options if I were to book a suite at Bridgestone Arena?

In-suite catering is available for most suites at Bridgestone Arena. Pre-order catering is not recommended if you purchased shared suite tickets but you may purchase food from your in-suite attendance off the day-of menu.

All suite ticket holders do have access to the concessions around the arena for other dining options that can be taken back to the suite.

Where should I park when I come to Bridgestone Arena?

Unless noted in the suite listing description, parking passes are not included with premium ticket purchases. Please let us know after your purchase if you are interested in reserving a parking pass. 

Bridgestone Arena offers parking options attached to the stadium at the corner of 6th Ave and Demonbruen St.


Bridgestone Arena Suite Catering Explained

Suite catering for events at Bridgestone Arena is provided by Levy Restaurants. Levy Restaurants at Bridgestone Arena is committed to providing high-quality and delicious food for all of your events. Their menu takes on the tastes of Nashville while providing you with exceptional quality, service, and an array of options for your group’s needs.

Catering is an additional cost and your SuiteHop customer service expert will assist you with placing the best order for your group. Catering is not required and a wide variety of concession items are available throughout Bridgestone Arena.

Estimated Bridgestone Arena suite catering costs



Full meal with drinks

$100 - $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $75 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

SuiteHop Recommended Menu at Bridgestone Arena

  • Bottomless Popcorn Basket
  • Grilled Cheese Flatbread Squares 
  • Smoked Pork BBQ Sandwich 
  • Southern Coleslaw 
  • Mac 'N Cheese
  • Crave-Worthy Cookies
  • 12 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • 24 Assorted Beers
  • 1 Bottle of Wine

This menu is based on Bridgestone Arena Catering offerings. Items are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.