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Globe Life Field

734 Stadium Drive

Arlington, TX

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Suite Pricing

Globe Life Field Suite Pricing

With a 40,000+ person seating capacity, how do you know the best MLB seat at Globe Life Field? SuiteHop has curated the best tickets at Globe Life Field and will help you pick the perfect one for your event. Have a group of 8 or more? We would suggest a Globe Life Field suite.

How much is a Globe Life Field suite?

Globe Life Field Suites: $4,000 - $60,000

Globe Life Field suite prices vary based on the size, location, match-up, amenities, and demand for the event. The ranges below are based on the average cost of the suite. Actual prices may be higher or lower depending on the event.

Low Range


High Range


Classic Suite



Hall of Fame Suite



Party Suite



Field Suite



Founders Suite



Legacy Suite


Suite Options

Texas Rangers Suite Options

Globe Life Field is home to the Texas Rangers. There is no better way to experiencing them play than from a Rangers suite. Guests with Texas Rangers suite tickets can enjoy various food and drink options. They also have access to concierge service and comfortable seating. The suites provide an upscale environment to enhance any game day experience.

Suites can accommodate groups of 20 to 500 guests. View the Globe Life Field suite map for locations.

Globe Life Suites Suites Include:

  • Private VIP entrance
  • Dedicated in-suite attendant
  • Variety of food & beverage options
  • Exclusive club access
  • Padded seating
  • HDTV monitors

Classic Suite

20-40 Guests | $4,000 - $14,000
Globe Life Field's Classic Suite offers a traditional suite experience for guests. On the exclusive Bailey & Galyen Suite Concourse, there are two sizes of Classic Suites; 20-person and 40-person. Each includes an impressive modern interior design and private in-suite restrooms.

Hall of Fame Suite

24-500 Guests | $2,500 - $7,000
On the Bailey & Galyen Suite Concourse level, Globe Life Field's Hall of Fame Suites are the perfect option for hosting any event. For larger groups, Globe Life Field can join multiple suites by removing the walls. Hall of Fame suites have a dedicated food and beverage space for guests. Enjoy a private entrance and rows of comfortable stadium-style seating outside to enjoy the game.

Party Suites

40-300 Guests | $6,000 - $25,000
The open floor plan of the Party Suites at Globe Life Field makes entertaining a breeze. Guests enter Globe Life Field through a private VIP entrance and head to the exclusive suite level to enjoy the game. Enjoy the game with outdoor seating on the patio or relax on comfortable leather seats inside the suite.

Combining party suites makes it easy to accommodate larger parties. Eight suites are on the lower level and six are on the upper suite level.

Field Suites

7-12 Guests
Field Suites put guests directly behind home plate. Enjoy an intimate Texas Rangers game-day experience while sitting closer to the field than any other seat. All 14 Field Suites at Globe Life Field give guests access to the Lexus Club with an all-inclusive buffet.

Inside Field Suites, you will find high-top seating and tables, and a kitchenette. Comfortable lounge chairs keep guests relaxed through the whole game. An in-suite attendant will be present to help with all game-day needs.

Founders Suites

16-25 Guests | $6,000 - $20,000
Behind home plate on the lower concourse, Founders Suites offer a modern and elevated game day experience. Founders Suites have comfortable seating inside and out with a perfect view of the entire field. Guests can enjoy a private in-suite restroom and a dedicated suite attendant for all their day-of needs. Founder Suite tickets grant access to the private Founders Only Lounge.

Legacy Suites

15-30 Guests | $6,000 - $20,000
On either side of the Founders Suites at Globe Life Field at the Legacy Suites reaching each foul pole. These lower concourse suites offer a private restroom for guest's convenience. Each suite includes leather, stadium-style, seating, lounge seating, and a dining area. A Rangers in-suite attendant will be present to help with any game-day needs.

Club Seat Pricing

Globe Life Field Club Seat Pricing & Options

Are you looking to experience the best seats for a Texas Rangers game with a group of friends or coworkers? SuiteHop has exclusive access to the best Rangers seats. Globe Life Field has over 2,000 premium seating options, let us help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Premium seating prices at Globe Life Field

Globe Life Field Club Ticket Price: $150 - $3,000 per ticket

Globe Life Field offers a variety of premium club seats with a wide variety of amenities. Club tickets at Globe Life will vary depending on the location, amenities, matchup, and the day of the week. These prices reflect the average cost and could be more or less depending on the demand for the event.

Low Range


High Range

$150 per ticket

First & Third Base Club

$600 per ticket

$250 per ticket

Home Plate Club

$1,000 per ticket

$300 per ticket

Lexus Club

$1,000 per ticket

$200 per ticket

Balcones Speakeasy

$500 per ticket

$150 per ticket

Texas Terrace

$500 per ticket

Club Seat Options

Texas Rangers Club Options

Club tickets at Globe Life offer guests an elevated game-day experience. With in-seat wait service, all-inclusive buffet dining options, and amazing views, it's sure to be a home run for all guests.

Club tickets are recommended for groups of 2 to 8 guests.

The Lexus Club

$300 - $1,000 per ticket
Rows 1-8 in Sections 8-19 at Globe Life Field are the Texas Rangers Lexus Club seats on the event level behind home plate. The first three rows are the VIP, Platinum, and Gold. If you have a ticket in the first three rows you can enter the exclusive Lexus Club Lounge.

The Globe Life FIeld Lexus Club Lounge is a true baseball experience you won't want to miss. VIP, Platinum, and Gold Lexus Club tickets grant access to an all-inclusive premium buffet and full-service bars. Hang out in the lounge before and during the game for upscale dining and grab-and-go options.

First & Third Base Dugout Club

$150 - $600 per ticket
Globe Life Field wanted to allow fans to experience a 9-inning game like the MLB Rangers in the Dugout Club. The First Base Dugout Club is near the Texas Rangers Dugout. The Third Base Dugout Club is near the opponent's Dugout.

Both Dugout Clubs include in-seat service and access to the exclusive lounge areas before and during the game. First Base Club ticket grants entry to the Evan Williams Dugout Lounge. Third Base Club tickets grant entry to the Germania Insurance Dugout Lounge. Both offer upscale buffets, premium wines, domestic and craft beer, and grab-and-go snacks.

The Evan Willams Lounge and Germania Insurance Dugout Lounge are both climate-controlled. Guests in each club will find many seating options at tables, lounges, and bars.

Balcones Speakeasy

$200 - $500 per ticket
The Balcones Speakeasy is one of the most popular Texas Rangers box seat options at Globe Life Field. Tickets are directly behind home plate in Sections 13 and 14 (Rows 1-9) on the lower concourse. Globe Life Field speakeasy includes in-seat wait service and access to the Speakeasy Club Lounge. The Speakeasy Club Lounge offers guests a climate-controlled space to escape the weather.

Relax in the many different seating types and enjoy small plates and upscale beer and wine. Full-service bars are available to purchase premium cocktails. The multiple TVs ensure you don't miss a second of the Texas Rangers. Grab-and-go options are available for those who want to watch the game from their seats.

Shift4 Club

$200 - $1,000 per ticket
Rows 9-16 in sections 15-19 behind the Texas Rangers dugout are the Shift4 Club seats. The Premium and VIP Shift4 club seats are in rows 1-8 in section 20. Guests with Shift4 tickets can enjoy amazing views of the game from padded seats and in-seat wait service.

VIP Shift4 tickets grant guests access to the exclusive Shift4 lounge. Indulge in buffet-style dining and full-service bars. Escape the elements with table or bar seating.

Texas Terrace

$150 - $500 per ticket
The Texas Terrace is a comfortable, upscale way to watch the Rangers for a suite-like atmosphere. Along the first baseline above sections 122 & 123, these seats give guests a perfect elevated view of the entire field.

Behind the seats is the lounge area. Guests enjoy a premium buffet with non-alcoholic beverages. You can purchase beer, wine, and cocktails at the lounge's full-service bars. Ballpark favorites will also be available.

Globe Life Field Lounge Access

Globe Life Field club tickets receive many perks, including exclusive lounge access. Know which lounge you have access to. Guests will need to provide tickets to gain access to the lounges.

The Lexus Club Lounge

  • VIP Home Plate Club Tickets
  • Platinum Home Plate Club Tickets
  • Silver Home Plate Club Tickets
  • Bronze Home Plate Club Tickets
  • Platinum Lexus Club Tickets
  • Gold Lexus Club Tickets
  • Home Plate Field Suites Tickets

The Shift4 Club Lounge

  • VIP First Base Club Tickets
  • Premium First Base Club Tickets
  • First Base Club Tickets
  • Premium Shift4 Club Tickets
  • Shift4 Club Tickets

Balcones Speakeasy

  • VIP Balcone Speakeasy Tickets
  • Balcone Speakeasy Tickets

American Lounge

  • Dugout Club 1 Tickets

Germania Insurance Lounge

  • Dugout Club 3 Tickets

Texas Terrace Lounge

  • Texas Terrace 1 Tickets
  • Texas Terrace 2 Tickets

Stadium FAQ

The answers to your top Globe Life Field questions

Globe Life Field is the home of the Texas Rangers starting from the 2020 season. Its seating capacity for a ballpark game is 40,000 with, an impressive, 2,000 premium seat options. Globe Life Field has the closest seating to the field than any other MLB baseball stadium. Field Levels Suites are closer to home plate than the pitching mound! 

How many suites are available at Globe Life Field?

Globe Life Field has over 100 suites that accommodate groups from 10 to 500 guests. Texas Rangers suite prices will vary based on the day of the week, matchup, and demand for the game. Check out the Texas Rangers suite map for locations.

How many clubs does Globe Life Filed have?

Globe Life has over 5 different club sections. Each offers its own unique vantage point and lounge access. The Lexus Club offers the closest club seats to home plate on the event level. Shift4 Club, American Lounge, Germania Insurance Lounge, and dugout boxes are all on the lower concourse.

Other lounge areas that are not typically all-inclusive include the sky box at Globe Life Field.

Why should I book my Texas Rangers tickets with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for all your Globe Life Field events. SuiteHop offers real-time pricing and unparalleled customer service. Our expert can help with the booking process, ordering catering, and assisting with the day-of logistics.

What do Globe Life Field suites include?

Suite amenities and club access will differ depending on which suite you book and the location of the suite.

Texas Rangers suites at Globe Life Field ensure guests can enjoy the game from a comfortable, stress-free environment. Each suite is climate-controlled and includes a variety of comfortable seating options. In-suite catering options are available. Enjoy HDTVs, WiFi, and exclusive VIP entry into the stadium.

Club tickets include what amenities?

Club tickets at Globe Life Field will offer guests a wider, padded, stadium-style seat. Typically, in-seat wait service will be available with Rangers box seats. Club tickets include access to the exclusive lounges associated with the club section.

Lounges provide an upscale buffet and non-alcoholic beverages with the purchase of a club ticket. Full-service bars will offer beer, wine, and cocktails to purchase. Read the listing carefully. A description of the included amenities is in the listing details.

When does Globe Life Field stop serving food and drinks?

Premium buffets will be available to guests through the 7th inning. Favorite ballpark snacks will be available until the 9th inning. The in-seat wait service will end at the end of the 7th inning. The last call for all beverages will be at the end of the 8th inning.

Shift4 Club will stop servicing their buffet at the end of the 5th inning. Ballpark snacks will be available until the end of the 7th inning. In-seat service ends at the end of the 7th. Beverages will stop at the end of the 8th inning.

How do I get to my Texas Rangers Game?

Globe Life Field's address is 734 Stadium Dr, Arlington, TX 76011 near Dallas Fort Worth.

Ride-share apps, like Uber, are highly encouraged.

A trolly shuttle service is available to Globe Life Field for all local hotel guests. The Trolly begins 1.5 hours before the start of the Rangers game. Check with your hotel's concierge service for the exact pickup schedule.

Where should I park for a Texas Rangers game?

Purchasing advanced parking is a great way to ensure your guests have a smooth transition into the game. Contact your SuiteHop expert to assist you in purchasing advanced parking passes.


Texas Rangers Suite Catering Explained

Suite catering for Rangers games is available to purchase in all Texas Rangers suites. Day-of-order options are available in some cases. 

In-suite catering is an additional cost and not required. Guests can get food and beverages from the stadium's many concession stands and bring them back to their seats to enjoy.

Lounge areas typically provide upscale buffets and premium bars. Grab-and-go options like hot dogs, nachos, hamburgers, popcorn, and peanuts are available in the lounge.

Estimated Globe Life Field suite catering costs



Full meal with drinks

$100 - $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $75 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

Globe Life Field Recommended Menu  

feeds 20 guests

  • Seasonal Fruit Platter
  • Cheese & Charcuterie
  • Nacho Bar
  • Chili Beef Hot Dogs
  • Beef Hamburgers
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Cookie & Brownie Combo
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers

This menu is based on the Globe Life Field Catering Options. Items are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.

Learn more about catering at Globe Life Field.