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Suite Pricing

SoFi Stadium Suite Pricing

The suites at Sofi Stadium have set the bar as the most contemporary, modern, and luxurious of NFL stadiums. With seven different types of suites at Sofi Stadium, there are various configurations and sizes to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Stadium suites include the Field Cabana and Bungalow suites on the LA Rams & Chargers field level, SoFi Stadium Executive Suites, Owners Club on the lower level, and the upper-level Patio, Perch, and Terrace suites.

How much are SoFi Stadium suites?

Private Suites: $8,000 - $80,000
Shared Suite Tickets: $400 - $2,000 per suite ticket

SoFi Stadium suite prices range from $8,000 to $100,000 depending on the event or matchup, suite location, and catering inclusions.  Los Angeles Rams' suites will typically be more expensive than Los Angeles Chargers game day suites. Concert suites at SoFi Stadium will vary depending on the artist and location of the suite.

How many luxury suites are at SoFi Stadium? 
There are 260 - 269 luxury suites at SoFi Stadium.

How many people can fit in a suite at SoFi Stadium? 
SoFi Stadium suites can hold 8 to 36+ guests. The Party Suite at Sofi can hold up to 100 guests.

What is included in a SoFi stadium suite? 
SoFi Stadium suites typically include a VIP Entrance, Private Restrooms, VIP Club Access, HDTVs, Climate-Controlled Suites, Plush Stadium-Style Seats

Low Range


High Range


Perch Suites



Patio Suites



Terrace & Party Suites



Executive Suites



Bungalow Suites



Field Cabanas


*Suite prices listed above are an average. Actual prices may vary depending on the matchup or event.

Suite Options

Suites at SoFi Stadium

The SoFi Stadium suites are among the most luxurious NFL suites on the market. With both the LA Rams and LA Chargers calling Sofi Stadium home, a packed concert calendar, and other high-demand events, there are many opportunities to enjoy an event from a luxury box at Sofi Stadium. 

Private suites at SoFi Stadium are recommended for parties of 8 to 36 guests. Shares suite tickets are perfect for smaller groups ranging from 2 to 8 guests.

What are my Suite Options at SoFi Stadium?

With seven different types of suites at SoFi Stadium, there are options to fit everyone's needs and budget. All suites include a private entrance into the stadium, comfortable seating options, luxurious and modern decor, VIP club access, HDTVs, and the option to purchase in-suite catering.

Terrace Suites & Party Suites

$22,500 - $37,000 | 30 - 36 Guests

  • Located on the Terrace Level; above the 300 Level spaning each sideline 
  • VIP Club Access: Terrace Lounge & Ticketmaster Lounge
  • Climate-controlled suite
  • Plush stadium-style seating on a private balcony
  • Private in-suite restroom
  • Multiple HDTVs
  • Private entrance into SoFi Stadium
  • VIP parking
  • Option to purchase in-suite catering

Patio Suites

$16,000 - $28,000 | 20 - 26 Guests

  • Located above the 200 Level Club Seating on two separate levels
  • VIP Club Access: Patio Club
  • Plush stadium-style seating on a private balcony
  • Climate-controlled suite
  • In-suite kitchenette & bar
  • VIP parking
  • Private entrance into SoFi Stadium
  • Private in-suite restrooms
  • Luxurious & modern design
  • Option to purchase in-suite catering

Perch Suites

$8,750 - $12,500 | 8 - 12 Guests

  • Located above 200 Level; Northwest & Northeast Corners
  • VIP Club Access: Perch Lounge
  • VIP parking passes
  • Climate-controlled suite
  • Multiple HDTVs
  • Private SoFi Stadium entrance
  • In-suite service
  • Option to purchase in-suite catering

Executive Suites

$25,000 - $80,000 | 18 - 30 Guests

  • Located above 100 Level
  • VIP Club Access: Google Cloud Club
  • Parking passes
  • In-suite private restroom
  • Climate-controlled suite
  • VIP entrance into SoFi Stadium

Bungalow Suite

$20,000 - $35,000 | 12 Guests

  • Located on Field Level behind the North End Zone
  • VIP Club Access: Bungalow Lounge
  • Parking passes
  • All-inclusive food and beverage; behind bungalow in the Bungalow Lounge
  • VIP entrance into SoFi Stadium

Field Cabanas

$25,000 - $80,000 | 20 - 24 Guests

  • Located on Field Level behind the benches
  • VIP Club Access: Field Club
  • Closest seats to the
  • Parking passes
  • Combine Field Cabanas for a larger 100-guest suite
  • In-suite private restrooms
  • All-inclusive food and beverage in the Field Club
  • VIP entrance into SoFi Stadium

Stadium Facts

SoFi Stadium Stadium Facts

SoFi Stadium opened to fans in Inglewood, CA in 2021 following a short delay due to the pandemic. As the home stadium for the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, nearly every NFL team will make it to Los Angeles for a game at SoFi Stadium. 

Sofi Stadium was the host of the 2022 Super Bowl when the Los Angeles Rams won their second Super Bowl title against the Cincinnati Bengals (23-20). Future events coming to SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles include the 2023 College Football Playoff Game and the 2028 Summer Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and other various sporting events associated with the Olympics. 

SoFi Stadium is one of two stadiums in the United States and the NFL to be a shared stadium between two teams, the Chargers and the Rams. (The MetLife Stadium hosts both the Giants and the Jets.) However, Los Angeles has a history of successfully hosting multiple teams in shared stadiums, as their NBA teams share the Staples Center (Clippers and Lakers), and the soccer teams also both play in the same arena. 

SoFi Stadium is located in the Hollywood Park neighborhood of Los Angeles at 1001 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90301.

How many suites are available at SoFi Stadium?

SoFi Stadium has 260 suites on multiple different levels.

Why should I book my SoFi Stadium suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for SoFi Stadium suites. With real-time pricing and high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite all the way to ordering catering for your event. 

What is included in a suite at SoFi Stadium?

SoFi Stadium suites include comfortable seating with prime views, gourmet catering options (at an additional cost), private entry to the stadium, and excellent customer service while planning your event and during your game. Suites feature modern, sleek designs with climate-controlled areas to keep everyone comfortable. Private SoFi Stadium suites make a great venue for parties or business gatherings.

How do I get to my SoFi Stadium suite level?

Guests attending a sporting event in a private suite enter SoFi Stadium through a private VIP entrance located around SoFi Stadium. These multiple entrances make it easier for suite guests to access their suite. View the SoFi Stadium seating chart for the best VIP entrance to use for your suite location.

When do suites open for access?

SoFi Stadium suites generally open 2 hours before game time.

Where should I park at SoFi Stadium?

Some suites include access to preferred parking passes. Refer to the lot name on your parking pass for the location of your reserved spot. If you do not have a pass, you may purchase parking through the Rams or Chargers site or take ride-share options like Uber or Lyft.


SoFi Stadium Suite Catering Explained

In-suite dining at Sofi Stadium rivals the finest restaurants that Southern California has to offer thanks to Legends Catering and their executive chefs. Sofi Stadium chefs integrate farm-to-table foods in their menu selections. Los Angeles is the hub of cultural diversity, and the catering menu at SoFi Stadium reflects that same diversity in its menu and luxury offerings.

Catering is an additional cost to your suite purchase. In-suite catering is guaranteed to elevate your suite experience but is not required. SoFi Stadium offers many upscale and traditional concessions throughout the stadium you and your guests may purchase and bring back to the suite to enjoy.

If you choose to order catering, please keep in mind that the deadline to place your order is 4 business days prior to your event. If you miss this deadline, you may order off the more limited day-of-event menu.

Estimated SoFi Stadium Suite Catering Costs



Full meal with drinks

$75 - $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$30 - $60 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$25 - $40 per guest

SoFi Stadium Sample Suite Catering Menu

Feeds 20 guests

  • Seasonal California Fruit
  • Hummus Platter
  • Warm Pretzel Bites
  • Chips & Salsa
  • Herb Roasted Chicken Sandwich
  • City Link Hot Dogs
  • Chicken Caesar Salad
  • Cheese Burger Sliders
  • Wings
  • Assorted Cookie & Decadent Brownie Platter
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers
  • 1 bottle of wine

This is a sample menu based on catering options offered at SoFi Stadium. Items may differ and are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.

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