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AT&T Stadium

900 E Randol Mill Rd.

Arlington, TX

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Suite Pricing

AT&T Stadium Suite Pricing

AT&T Stadium, known as Jerry Jones Stadium, is home to the NFL Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, TX. Cowboy's suite guests expect a luxury atmosphere and upscale amenities. AT&T Stadium has over 300 suites, let SuiteHop help you find the perfect suite for your next event.

Private Suites: $6,000 - $90,000

Individual Suite Tickets: $375 - $2,000 per ticket

AT&T Stadium suite prices range based on the event or matchup, location, and suite size. Dallas Cowboys' NFL pre-season games are typically lower in cost compared to the Cowboys' regular-season games. 

Special events and concert tickets at AT&T Stadium will vary in price depending on the performer. Suites for these events are typically around $5,000 and will rise depending on the location and amenities included.

How much do suites cost at AT&T Stadium?

Suites at AT&T Stadium: 300+
Suite Capacity: 12-35 guests
Amenities: VIP Parking Options, Catering Available to Order, Private Restrooms (in all Suites)

Low Range


High Range


Star Level
Below 400



Ring of Honor
Club Level



Silver Level
Club Level



Hall of Fame
100 level



End Zone



Field Level
Field; Sidelines


Suite Options

AT&T Stadium Luxury Suite Rentals

AT&T Stadium has over 300 suites that can accommodate 12 to 68 guests. Exclusive VIP amenities are available to all suite ticket holders, private or shared.

  • High-End Decor
  • WiFi
  • Climate Control
  • HDTVs 
  • Kitchenette & Counter Space
  • Outdoor Stadium-Style Seating
  • Indoor Lounge-Style Seating 
  • Bar Stools & Hightop Tables
  • In-Suite Private Restrooms
  • Option to Order In-Suite Catering
  • Club Access

AT&T Stadium Suite Options

Touchdown Suites

Elevated from the field, these suites give guests a unique view of the Cowboys game from behind each endzone. Touchdown Suite ticket holders can access the Field Level Club.

Field Suites

Field Level Suites at AT&T Stadium are the closest seats to the game on the North and South sidelines. Dallas Cowboys Field Level Suite guests can access the Field Level Club.

Hall of Fame Level

The 200 Level of AT&T Stadium offers some of the most luxurious and exclusive suites. On the Hall of Fame Level, you will find the Hall of Fame Suites, Optum Club Suites, and Owners Suites.

  • Optum Club Suite:  Fans can find the best suite experience in the NFL at the Optum Hall of Fame Level at AT&T Stadium. The Optum Club Suites are an upscale experience with premium sightlines and dining options. You can find the best seats at AT&T Stadium in the Optum Club.  Learn more about the Optum Club here.
  • Owners Club Suites: AT&T Stadium's Owner's Club Suites are on the South sideline above sections 107-114. Owners Club Suite 1 is directly at the center field.
  • Silver Level Suites: Silver Suite Level is the largest at AT&T Stadium. Silver Level Suites can accommodate groups of 18 to 20 guests. Suite buyers can purchase another 10 to 12 SRO (standing room only) tickets.

Ring of Honor Suites

The second tier of traditional suites at AT&T Stadium is the Ring of Honor Suites located on the 500 Level above the Silver Suites. Ring of Honor Suites offers unbeatable sideline views of the Dallas Cowboys game.

Star Level Suites

The top suite level at AT&T Stadium is the Star Level Suites. These suites range in size and can accommodate 18 to 68 guests. Guests in Star Suites can access the Silver Club and Main Club at AT&T Stadium.

Club Seating Pricing & Options

AT&T Stadium Club Seats: Pricing & Options

AT&T Stadium's unbeatable hospitality doesn't end at their suites. Club seats at AT&T Stadium offer guests a truly once-in-a-lifetime game-day experience.

Club Seating Pricing

Stadium Club Ticket Prices: $250 - $4,000 per ticket.

The price of club seats at AT&T Stadium depends on different factors. Pricing depends on the event's demand, the matchups, the seat location, and any additional amenities. 

AT&T Stadium's Club Seating Options

SuiteHop recommends club seating for smaller groups of 2 to 8 guests. Cowboys club seats offer guests upscale amenities and lounge access not available to general admission ticket holders.

Club Amenities Include:

  • Great Sightlines
  • Extra Leg Room
  • Padded Seating
  • Exclusive Club/Lounge Access
  • Private Stadium Entrance
  • Upscale Food & Beverage Options

What are the different club seats at AT&T Stadium?

Hall of Fame Club

Hall of Fame Club seats have great sideline views of the field in sections C106-C115 and C132-C139. Sections C106-C115 are on the Dallas Cowboys' side and C132-C139 are on the visitor's side. Each Hall of Fame Club seat is within 20 rows of the field. Guests can purchase premium foods and beverages in the Hall of Fame Club Lounge.

Founders Club (All-Inclusive)

Founders Club at AT&T Stadium is in sections C210 and C235. Guests will enjoy center-field views within 35 rows of the field.  AT&T Stadium Founders Club guests can access the Founders Club Lounge with all-inclusive food & beverages, including alcohol. Founders Club ticket holders can also access the Main Level Club and Field Level Club.

Main Level Club

Main Level Club seating at AT&T Stadium is in sections C206-C209, C211-C214, C231-C234, and C236-C239. These sideline view seats offer guests a private entrance, padded seats, and access to the Main Level Club Lounge. Guests can purchase upscale food and beverage options.

Mezzanine Club

Mezzanine Club seats are on the third seating deck at AT&T Stadium. The club offers access to the private club lounge with additional dining seating and private restrooms. Guests can purchase upscale food & beverage options in the lounge.

Stadium FAQ

The answers to your top AT&T Stadium questions

AT&T Stadium has many names; Cowboys Stadium, Jerry World, and The Palace in Dallas. No matter what you call it, this stadium takes pride in taking care of fans and Cowboys VIP ticket holders. AT&T Stadium has hosted many amazing events and record-breaking games. The stadium regularly tops the records for most fans in attendance.

How many suites are at AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium has 380 suites, throughout 5 levels, that seat over 12,000 VIP fans per event. View suite locations on the AT&T Stadium seating chart. You can view stadium suite photos in the listings.

Does my suite purchase include catering?

No. Suite prices do not typically include catering. The listing description mentions catering when included. Read the listing notes carefully.  Suite guests can purchase club-level concessions and enjoy back in their seats.

Guests can not bring outside food and beverages into the stadium. Every guest, including suite ticket holders, must adhere to AT&T Stadium's bag policy. 

What do AT&T Stadium suites include?

AT&T Stadium offers a variety of suite options to cater to any event needs. While the view-point and suite size may vary all AT&T Stadium suites provide; 

  • High-End Decor 
  • WiFi
  • Climate Control 
  • HDTVs
  • Kitchenette & Counter Space 
  • Outdoor Stadium Style Seating
  • Indoor Lounge-Style seating
  • Bar Stools & Hightop Tables
  • In-Suite Restrooms
  • Option to Order In-Suite Catering
  • Club Access

Where is the suite level at AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium has four suite levels; Field Level, Optum Hall of Fame Level, Silver Level, Ring of Honor Level, and Star Level. Suite ticket holders have four dedicated entrances into the stadium. VIP guests can enter through gates A, E, F, and K. The Club Level is available to all suite ticket holders.

When do suites open for access?

Suites at AT&T Stadium open two hours before the start of the event. After the event, guests can stay for one hour. Some event times will vary. 

What does it mean to share a suite at AT&T Stadium?

Enjoy all the benefits and amenities of a suite alongside other premium guests. Shared suite guests can expect a semi-private seat, VIP restrooms, club access, and premium amenities.

How much are premium seats at AT&T Stadium?

Shared suite tickets at AT&T Stadium can range from $500 to $2,000 per ticket, typically the same as premium club seats. Tickets vary based on the seat location, seating arrangement, event, and included amenities.

What is club-level seating?

AT&T Stadium has four different club sections; Founders Club, Main Level Club, Hall of Fame Club, and Mezzanine Club. All club-level seats at AT&T Stadium offer premium sightlines, comfortable seating, and access to exclusive lounges.

What do club-level seats include?

All club seats include wider, padded seating, great field views, and access to exclusive clubs. Each club has a lounge area but all club guests can access the Main Level Club Lounge. Guests in the Founders Club can enjoy all-inclusive food and beverages. Guests in any other club need to purchase concessions.

What are the different Club Lounges?

  • Main Level Club Lounge: Open to all club ticket holders.
  • Field Level Club Lounge: Directly behind players on both sidelines. Guests can watch the players enter and exit the field through the player tunnels.
  • Founders Club Lounge: Exclusive for Founder Club ticket holders.  Founders Club lounge is on the main level and includes all-inclusive food and beverages, alcohol included.

Does my child need a suite ticket?

Children under twelve (12) months do not need a Dallas Cowboys suite ticket. Other events will vary. 

Where should I park?

AT&T Stadium has 15 parking lots available. Parking opens 5 hours before the Cowboys kick-off for tailgating.

If you take a taxi, Uber, or limo to the event, there are two passenger drop-off zones. Randol Mill is in Lot 1 and Cowboys Way is in Lot 6.


AT&T Stadium Suite Catering

Legends provide suite catering at AT&T Stadium. Executive chefs create high-quality dishes and options for many dietary needs.

Catering is an additional cost. SuiteHop can assist with choosing the best order for your group. AT&T Stadium does not require guests to purchase catering. Club and suite guests have access to many concessions and upscale lounge dining throughout the stadium.

View the current menu and learn more about Catering at AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium Suite Catering Budget



Full meal with drinks

$100 - $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $75 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

AT&T Stadium Recommended Menu

feeds 20 guests

  • Buttered Flavored Popcorn
  • Cowboys Party Mix
  • Gourmet Trio Wraps
  • Southwest Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Tackle Nacho Bar
  • Cowboys Party Wing Trio
  • Signature Mac & Cheese
  • Cookie & Brownie Platter
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers

This menu is based on Legends catering offerings at AT&T Stadium. Items are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.