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Suite Prices Arena (formerly Staples Center) Suites and Amenities

Staples Center has been a staple of Los Angeles entertainment since it opened its doors in 1999. However, starting December 25, 2021, Staples Center changed its name to Arena in what is believed to be one of the most lucrative naming rights deals in sports history. Arena is still the home of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the NHL Kings, and the WNBA Sparks.

Experience this LA history for yourself with accommodations fit for a movie star on the walk of fame when you book premium tickets at Arena. Arena hosts over 250 events annually between the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Sparks, and the most in-demand concerts of the year. Take your Los Angeles corporate entertainment to the next level or enjoy an unforgettable night with family or friends when you book VIP seating at Arena through SuiteHop. Arena Luxury Suite Cost

$2,000 -$25,000. Arena Suite prices vary dramatically. They range from $2,000 to $25,000 depending on the matchup or event, location in the stadium, size of the suite, and the overall demand. For example, the same Arena suite can be half the price one day versus another simply due to the matchup or event on that particular day. 

Luxury Arena Suites for games with the highest demand range from $4,500 to $25,000. Suites for concerts at Area can range from $1,500 to $25,000. 

Through SuiteHop, Arena suites, formerly Staples Center suites, options are available as both shared or private. Find the perfect suite or VIP ticket options to fit your entertainment needs.

How many Arena Suites are available? Arena has a total of 172 suites that are divided between three different levels: Level A, Level B, and Level C. There are also 2,500 Club Seats available for each event.

Level A Arena Level A Suites are located closest to the rink, court, or stage on the lower level of the stadium. Most of the Level A Suites at Arena hold 12 guests with the option to purchase 6 additional tickets.

Level B
Level B suites at Arena are located directly above the Level A suites. Most of the Level B suites hold 12 guests with the option to purchase 6 additional tickets.

Level C Arena Level C suites are located directly above the Level B suites. Most of the Level C suites at Arena can accommodate 12 guests with the option to purchase 6 additional tickets.

There are also several large group suite options available at Arena. Event Suites are Located on Level C at the end of the stadium within Hyde Lounge. Event or Party suites at Arena can hold up to 30 people with the option to buy additional tickets. You can also privately rent Hyde Lounge with a capacity of 132 guests, or simply rent a table or seating for 6 guests within the lounge.

Suites at Arena: 172
Suite Capacity: 8-18 guests
Amenities: VIP entrances, complimentary in-suite concierge, and catering services available for purchase, access to San Manuel Club, in-suite attendant to help with all your needs.

Low Range


High Range


A Level Suites

First Level; closest to the stage, rink, or court



B Level Suites

Second Level; directly above Level A Suites



C Level Suites

Third Level; directly above Level B and C suites


Private or Shared

Choose between a Private or Shared Suite Experience at Arena

Depending on the size of your group or your group’s needs, you can either choose a private or a shared suite. Although private Arena suites have the added benefit of enjoying the event exclusively with your group, Arena shared suites can offer a unique experience as well.

Shared Arena suites are recommended for groups smaller than 8. SuiteHop can help you book tickets in a shared suite, giving you the luxury of enjoying an event at Arena in comfort rather than sitting in the stands for prices comparable to that of club seating.

Private suites are available for parties of 8 to 30 guests.

Booking a Arena (formerly Staples Center) suite with SuiteHop is easy: Simply search our live listings for an available suite for your desired event. Choose the best suite to fit your needs, and wait for your Arena suite tickets to be delivered. On the day of the event, arrive at the VIP entrance and get settled before the game begins.

Sharing a Suite at Arena

Looking to experience the luxury of a Arena suite with a small group? SuiteHop has access to the best Arena shared suite tickets.

Why Sharing a Suite at Arena Might Be the Best Option for You

A shared suite offers the upscale experience of a suite without the commitment or price tag of renting an entire suite. It is an ideal situation for a couple or a small group who wants to enjoy the game or concert in luxury without renting a private room.

Individual shared Arena suite tickets range from $50 to $450 depending on the event, the type of suite, and the location of the suite. Arena (formerly Staples Center) shared suites are much more affordable than purchasing an entire suite for your event if you just have a few people in your group.

Catering is not available with shared suite tickets, but all suite ticket holders have access to all the club areas located on all of the premier and suite levels.

Frequently asked questions about Arena shared suite experiences

Sharing a suite at Arena means you have the same upscale, luxury experience but you will be enjoying the event with other sports fans and concert lovers. Shared suites are ideal for couples or small groups who want to enjoy luxury seating and views without renting the entire private suite for themselves.

What does it mean to share a suite?

Sharing a suite at Arena means you will experience the event alongside other suite attendees. Sometimes the suite will be full and other times there may only be a handful of attendees in the suite with you. How full the suite is will be unknown until the start of the event. Seats may be assigned as noted on your suite ticket for the stadium-style seats that face the court. However, the Arena shared suite will include standing room and a bar area that is open space for all suite attendees.

Do shared suites at Arena include catering? Arena shared suites do not include a pre-order catering option. SuiteHop recommends selecting concessions from the premium seat or suite level and returning to your suite to enjoy. An in-suite attendant will be around to assist in any food or drink-related questions you may have. For more information about premium dining options at Area, click here.

How much should I expect to spend on shared suite tickets for events at Arena (formerly Staples Center)?

Shared suite tickets start around $50 and may cost as much as $450 depending on the included amenities, event, and suite location. Shared suites at Arena typically mirror the price of club or premium level seating.

How will I receive my tickets?

After your suite booking is confirmed, a SuiteHop event expert will be in touch regarding your tickets. Electronic tickets will be distributed via email.

What are my options for Private Suites?

Looking to experience the best seats at Arena with a group of friends or coworkers? SuiteHop has exclusive access to the premiere suite experiences in Los Angeles. Private suites are available for parties of 8 to 30 guests. 

Private suites at Arena offer many benefits besides the amazing views. One of the best perks about suites is the ability to avoid the general admission crowds. Any suite ticket holder is welcome to enter Arena an hour before the event starts through the VIP entrance, and can typically stay in the suite an hour after the event ends. Private suites offer the choice to order in-suite catering. Once your party is in the suite, food is brought directly to you! No more missing any of the game or waiting for half-time to stand in line for concessions. Take control of your experience and adjust it to fit your wants and needs when you book a private Arena suite. 

Level A Suites

Level A suites at Arena position you front and center. These are the closest suites to the action and make you feel up-close and personal with the team you came to cheer on or the artist you came to see. Most A Level suites come with 12 tickets with the option to purchase 6 additional tickets. Arena Level A suites are the most expensive of the three levels because of their location. In Level A suites, as with all private suites in Arena, you will receive access to a private VIP entrance, the option to purchase in-suite catering, climate-controlled comfort, luxury seating, a full wet bar, and the best views in the house. Level A suite guests also have access to San Manuel Club, located on the same level.

Level B Suites

Level B suites at Arena (formerly Staples Center) are located directly above all Level A suites. They hold the same great views as Level A suites,  just a little higher up in the arena. Most Level B suites come with 12 tickets for guests with the option to purchase up to 6 additional tickets. Arena Level B suite ticket holders will receive access to a private VIP entrance, the option to purchase in-suite catering, climate-controlled comfort, luxury seating, a full wet bar, and amazing views of the action.

Some Level B suites will also come with passes to the Lexus Club, a premium lounge within Arena, located at the East end of the stadium on Level B. All guests, however, have access to San Manuel Club on Suite Level A.

Level C Suites Arena Level C suites are the top-level suites within the stadium. Located directly above Level A and Level B suites, the view is comparable. Most C Level suites include 12 tickets for guests with the option to purchase up to 6 additional tickets. Level C suite ticket holders will receive access to a private VIP entrance, the option to purchase in-suite catering, climate-controlled comfort, luxury seating, a full wet bar, and unbelievable views. Guests also have access to the San Manuel Club on Suite Level A.

Large Party Suites

Large party suites such as the ones located in Hyde Lounge at Arena can hold 30 guests in their private suites or up to 132 guests if you rent the entire lounge for a private event. Guests also have the option to buy seating for up to 6 within the Hyde Lounge if available.

Premium Seating

Premium Seating Options at Arena

With SuiteHop, premium experiences go beyond the Suite Life. Experience for yourself why glass seats and courtside seats are the most sought-after tickets at Arena. Both seating types get you up close to the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Los Angeles Kings action and offer upscale amenities you can’t find in general admission seating. 

If you’re searching for a unique upscale experience at Arena, but don’t have enough guests to fill an entire suite, courtside and glass seats might be for you! SuiteHop recommends courtside and glass seats for small groups of 2 to 4 guests. 

How much do glass seats at Arena cost?

Glass seat pricing can vary based on the location of the seat within Arena, the match-up, or the event. Typically, the glass seats range from $700 to $1,800. 

Amenities: Seats in the first row right on the glass, dedicated VIP entrance, in-seat wait service, access to the Delta 360 Club, gourmet dining options, and an open bar.

Listing amenities can vary. Be sure to read each listing carefully to know what is included in your ticket purchase.

How much do courtside seats at Arena cost? Arena pricing for floor seats can vary in cost based on matchup and row on the floor. The price typically ranges from $3,000 to $15,00 for Los Angeles Lakers games and from $1,500 to $8,000 for Los Angeles Clippers games. 

Amenities: Courtside seats right on the NBA floor, larger padded seats, dedicated VIP entrance, access to the Delta Sky360° Club offering upscale food, and an open bar.

Listing amenities can vary. Be sure to read each listing carefully to know what is included in your ticket purchase.

Low Range 


High Range


Courtside - Los Angeles Lakers



Courtside (3 rows)- Los Angeles Clippers


What can I expect with Courtside & Glass Seats at Arena?

Courtside Seats

At Arena, courtside seats deliver an unparalleled and thrilling NBA experience! Whether you are watching Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers or Kawhi Lenoard and the Los Angeles Clippers, courtside seats place you right on the NBA floor, inches away from the players. Enter through a VIP entrance, as early as 2 hours before tip-off. With in-seat wait service available, you never have to miss a moment of the action. Along with the on-court excitement, Arena courtside ticketholders are granted access to the Delta Sky360° Club. This club, located on the event level, offers multiple exclusive perks such as: 

  • All-inclusive access 
  • Gourmet dining 
  • An open bar
  • High-top tables
  • VIP treatment

Glass Seats

Glass seats at Arena are located right behind the NHL glass giving you a front-row view of the Los Angeles Kings. These seats immerse you in the game-day action and put you as close to the ice as possible. Arena glass seats offer prime arena views and exclusive Delta Sky360° Club access. The Delta Sky360° Club offers ticketholders complimentary upscale dining, an open bar, and the finest amenities. Located on the event level with high-top tables and other seating options, take time to relax in one of the LA’s most exclusive clubs.  

Arena FAQ

The answers to your top Arena suite questions Arena is home to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, and the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks. It opened in 1999 as Staples Center and is located in downtown Los Angeles. As Staples Center, the arena has hosted 7 NBA Finals, three WNBA Finals, the 2000 Democratic National Convention, an NHL All-Star Game, the Stanley Cup Finals, and the annual Grammy Awards. Arena has also hosted several famous artists and bands including the public memorial for the death of Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant. It is the premier location in LA to see and experience major events and games during your star-studded stay!

How many suites are available at Arena?

There are 172 suites available at Arena spanning all three levels. All suites completely surround the arena and are stacked on top of one another so the views by level don’t vary much compared to other venues’ suites. Level A suites are located closest to the action while Levels B and C sit right on top. There are also 2,500 club seats available at Arena.

Why should I book my Arena Suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for all events at the Staples Center. With real-time pricing and high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite all the way through ordering catering for your event.

What is included in a suite at Staples Center, now Arena?

All Arena suites provide you with an experience you won’t forget. Experience the game or show in ultimate comfort and style with access to a private entry. 

You can also order in-suite catering prior to or during the event with your personal attendant. Each suite is climate controlled and has comfortable lounge-style seating, a full-wet bar, and will allow you to experience a game or event in true LA-style.

When do Arena Suites open for access? Arena suites open 1 hour prior to games and events. They close 1 hour after the game or event.

What are the food options if I were to book a suite at Arena (formerly Staples Center)?

In-suite catering is available for all private suites at Arena but it is an additional cost. In-suite ordering is available the day of your event as well and concessions are available throughout the stadium. For more premium concessions, suite ticket holders have access to the Buss Stop & Cooke’s Corner and Spotlight Grill & Skyline Grill located on the suite and premium levels. 

Suite ticket holders have many options when it comes to exclusive dining at Arena. Located on Suite Level A, you can find both the San Manuel Club and Lexus Club. Moving to Suite Level B, you have the option to purchase exclusive food and drink options from the Centurion Suite Club. And finally, on Suite Level C, ticket holders can find the Hyde Lounge. Arena’s San Manuel Club is located at the East End of the stadium on Suite Level A is a private club featuring buffet-style dining options for each game and a full bar. There are 15 flat-screen televisions so you won’t miss a minute of the action. There is both indoor and outdoor seating which provides a spectacular view of downtown Los Angeles.

More information about clubs at Arena.

Where should I park when I come to Arena? Arena offers onsite parking for suites and other premium seat holders. Most private suites include access to VIP parking passes (sometimes at an additional cost). There are 3,300 parking spots available at Arena but with a stadium capacity of over 19,000, you should plan to park in either a nearby parking garage, take public transportation, or use a ride-sharing service such as Lyft or Uber. If you wish to take a chance on LA traffic and park near the stadium, Staples Center recommends that you purchase parking prior to your event through AXS.

Catering Arena Suite Catering Explained

Pre-Order catering is not available with shared suites at the Staples Center. 

Suite catering for private events at Arena is provided by Levy Restaurants. Levy Restaurants at Arena is committed to providing high-quality and delicious food for all of your events. Catering is an additional cost to your suite rental and is not available for pre-order for shared suites. However, you can order in-suite catering the day of your event with your personal attendant from the a la carte menu. Levy Restaurants’ menu takes on classic American fare along with LA’s favorite SO-Cal dishes while providing you with exceptional quality, service, and an array of options for your group’s needs.

Catering is an additional cost for any privately booked suite at Arena. Your SuiteHop event expert can assist with selecting the appropriate catering for your event.

Estimated Arena Suite Catering Costs



Full meal with drinks

$75 - $125 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $75 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

SuiteHop Recommended Menu

feeds 20 guests

  • Popped Popcorn
  • Southern Fried Chicken Tenders
  • Chips & Salsa
  • All Beef Hot Dogs
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Gourmet Cookies & Brownies
  • 12 Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • 24 Assorted Beers

This menu is based on Crypto Arena Suite Catering offerings. Items are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.

Visit our Crypto Arena catering page for more information.