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New Jersey Devils Suite Pricing and Amenities

If you’re headed to watch the New Jersey Devils, there is no better way to experience the game than in one of the New Jersey Devils suites at the Prudential Center. These suites give you the ultimate experience in NHL game watching with climate-controlled and comfortable seating, delicious gourmet catering options, and the best views of the ice. Whether you are hosting a work function, a family get-together, or just hanging with some fellow Devils fans, SuiteHop helps you to choose the suite that is right for you and your needs.

How much do New Jersey Devils suites cost?

New Jersey Devils suites range from $3,000 to $10,000 for Devils matchups.

Suites at Prudential Center: 73 Luxury Suites

  • Infiniti 100 Level Suites are the closest option to the action for New Jersey Devils suites. Located on the 100 Level, these suites offer great sightlines of the ice. They have climate-controlled conditions, luxury seating including high-top barstools and balcony seating, and HDTVs. Suite guests have private entry access for ease of getting in and out of the stadium. Each Infiniti Level suite also offers a starter catering package to purchase so you and your guests don't have to wait in concession lines and miss out on any of the action.
  • Infiniti 200 Level Suites are located one section above the Infiniti 100 Level suites. These suites offer amazing sightlines of the action below. Like the 100 Level suites, they also have climate-controlled conditions, luxury seating including high-top barstools and balcony seating, and HDTVs. Each suite guest has private entry access for ease of getting in and out of the stadium. The 200 Level New Jersey Devils suites also offer a starter catering package to purchase so you and your guests don't have to wait in concession lines and miss out on any of the action.
  • Party Suites are located on the 200 Level and are perfect for a larger group for parties and office functions. Party Suites for a New Jersey Devils game can hold up to 60 guests. Your guests will also be allowed to use the private entry access.

Suite Capacity: 16-60 guests

Amenities: Exclusive VIP entrance, catering available to order, and more

Low Range


High Range


Infiniti Level 100 Suites 

100 Level - East & West Side



Infiniti Level 200 Suites 

200 Level - East & West Side



Party Suites

200 Level


Shared Suites

Share a New Jersey Devils suite with other SuiteHop customers

Looking to experience the best seats at a Devils game with a small group? SuiteHop has exclusive access to the premiere shared suite experiences at the Prudential Center.

Shared suites are best for groups with 2-10 guests.

Frequently asked questions about shared suites

What does it mean to share a New Jersey Devils suite?

Shared suites enable you to enjoy the Devils in a semi-private environment with access to premium amenities. You will be enjoying the game alongside other suite attendees.

Do shared suites include catering?

Most shared suites do not include catering. Refer to the notes in the specific shared suite listing for exact details on what is included with your purchase.

How much is shared Devils suite tickets?

Shared suite access is sold on a single-ticket basis. Shared suites for a New Jersey Devils game start around $85 per person. Depending on your group size, included amenities, matchup, and suite location the total shared suite price can vary from $500 to as much as $2000.

Are seats assigned?

Some shared suites required assigned seating while others do not. For suites without assigned seating, seats are selected first come first served. All seats, including barstools and standing room, provide a similar view of the action of the ice.

Arena FAQ

The answers to your top suite questions

The Prudential Center is the premier arena for games, concerts, and events in the New York-New Jersey area. It opened in 2007 and has been home to the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and the Seton Hall college basketball team. Affectionately called “The Rock” the Prudential Center has held other notable events like boxing, MMA events, and MLS’s New Jersey Ironmen.

How many New Jersey Devils suites are available?

The Prudential Center has 73 suites that allow for 16-60 guests to enjoy all Devils games.

Why should I book my New Jersey Devils suite with SuiteHop?

SuiteHop is an online marketplace providing the most comprehensive details and availability for New Jersey Devils games. With real-time pricing and high attention to customer service, SuiteHop's suite experts will help you from booking your suite all the way through ordering catering for your event.

What is included in a New Jersey Devils Suite?

New Jersey Devils all-inclusive luxury suites are made to ensure that each guest is able to enjoy their Devils game in the utmost comfort. With upscale decor, delicious catering options, VIP parking options, and exclusive entry, booking one of the New Jersey Devils suites for your next event is the only way to go. Each suite is climate controlled, has HDTVs, and private restrooms on your suite level to ensure that you won’t miss a minute.

If you have a smaller party and would prefer to book a shared suite by purchasing individual tickets, let your SuiteHop event expert know. We have limited access to shared suites and can provide direction regarding which games are best for your group size.

How do I get to a New Jersey Devils game at the Prudential Center?

The Prudential Center, located at 25 Lafayette St, Newark, New Jersey, is conveniently located within several major highways. Getting to your New Jersey Devils game is easily accessible by driving, public transportation, or private ride-sharing services.
Public transportation and rideshare apps are highly recommended. A specified pickup and dropoff area just east of Investors Bank Tower makes it easier than ever to meet your ride. The Prudential Center is also only two blocks from the Newark Penn Station, making it convenient to ride several different modes of public transportation:

  • Newark Penn Station
  • NJ Transit
  • PATH Train

Where should I park for a New Jersey Devils game?

Prudential Center has several parking lots within a two-block radius of the arena. With over 3,500 spots, finding a spot nearby is convenient. However, pre-paying for parking is recommended.

New Jersey Devils suites guests have private entry access at the Broad Street entrance (west side, suites 101 to 120 and 201-216) and the Mulberry Street entrance (east side, suites 121-140 and 217-234).


New Jersey Devils Suite Catering Explained

Catering is an additional cost in all New Jersey Devils Suites and your SuiteHop customer service expert will assist you with placing the best order for your group. Catering is not required and a wide variety of concession items are available throughout the Prudential Center.

Estimated New Jersey Devils suite catering costs



Full meal with drinks

$100 - $150 per guest

Snacks with beer & wine

$50 - $75 per guest

Beer & wine alone

$35 - $50 per guest

SuiteHop Recommended Menu

Feeds 20 guests

  • Bottomless Basket of Popcorn
  • Tri-Color Tortilla Chips and Salsa
  • Crispy Chicken Breast Strips
  • Pizza
  • Beef Sliders
  • Brownie Platter
  • 12 non-alcoholic beverages
  • 24 beers

This menu is based on the Centerplates' Prudential Center catering offerings. Items are subject to availability.

Pro tip: To lower waste, we recommend ordering fewer beverages upfront. Watch what your guests are consuming and reorder accordingly.

Learn more about New Jersey Devils catering at Prudential Center.